ZC3-A silver rebound hammer for mortar sclerometer zc3 concrete test hammer sliver Schmidt Hardness Tester

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The meter is designed in accordance with the technical regulations of JGJ/T23-2001, used for testing concrete compressive strength within the range of 10-60Mpa. It employs a system standard energy of 2.207J and features a value-indicating system with a pointer for direct reading. Our concrete resiliometer has received approval as a “Recommended Product for Engineering Construction” by the Ministry of Construction. The manufacturing process is supervised by the Shanxi Institute of Building Research, which contributed to the composition of the “Testing Concrete Compressive Strength Technical Regulation of JGJ/T23-2001 with Springback Method.”


  • Light (saving 2/3 forces compared to counterpart products)
  • Flexible, inexpensive, power-free, easy to master
  • The button applies stretching technics and is not easy to fall off
  • The pointer is easy to adjust friction, making it the first choice for on-the-spot NDT.


  • Length of Pointer: 20.0±0.2(mm)
  • Friction of Pointer: 0.65±0.15(N)
  • Sphere Semidiameter at the End of the Flip Rod: 25±1.0(mm)
  • Rigidity of Flip Tensioned Spring: 785.0±40.0(N/m)
  • Location of Flip Hammer’s Hook Release: “100” at the scale mark
  • Work Length of Flip Tensioned Spring: 61.5.0±0.3(mm)
  • Strike Length of Flip Hammer: 75±0.3
  • Hop Location of the Flip Hammer: “0” at the graduated scale
  • Fixed Value of Steel Anvil: 80±2 (our products are controlled between 80-81)

Package Include:

  • A resiliometer
  • Grindstone
  • Flip Tension Spring
  • Buffer Spring
  • Screwdriver

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