YC-EOIIB Electromagnetic Effect Therapy Infrared Massage Device Physical Far Infrared Heat Therapy

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Product description
The field effect therapy device is a new generation of home physiotherapy instrument that combines Chinese medicine with modern electronic medical technology. The main therapies are: physical field effect therapy, far infrared heat therapy.

The far-infrared effect of 8~10.6 micrometers produced by the electrothermal effect is consistent with the absorption of infrared wavelength by the human body. The surface and the inner layer can be used to dredge and eliminate swelling, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and penetrate deep into the lesion.

The Yangcheng brand three-layer effect belt can generate alternating leakage magnetic field deep into the affected area. Using the principle of magnetoelectricity, electrical stimulation is performed on the acupoints, and eddy currents are generated by induction. The deep affected parts are treated with hyperthermia to activate the lesions and activating blood circulation. .

With a new generation of intelligent technology, the intelligent temperature control device is added to make the temperature output level more stable. The maximum temperature is set to 60℃, and the maximum temperature will automatically cool down automatically. Say goodbye to the old mechanical timing noise, adopt a new generation of electronic timers, quiet and no noise, more accurate timing, and stable field effect heat output.

YC-EOIIB type field effect therapeutic instrument has two field effect output, which can be used by two people at the same time, or one person can do two parts, which is convenient and time-saving.

Scope of application
Rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylopathy, lumbar and leg pain, rheumatism, sciatica, tennis elbow inflammation, brachial plexus neuralgia, numbness of hands and feet, fibrositis, soft tissue contusion, tenosynovitis, lumbar muscle strain, sequelae of stroke; Phlebitis, varicose veins; stomach diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, diarrhea, constipation, colds; hemorrhoids, chilblains, muscle induration after injection, eczema, neuropathic and vascular headaches; gynecological diseases, dysmenorrhea, mastitis; hypertension, chronic Nephritis, prostatitis.

What the field effect therapy is?
The field effect therapy is a new-generation physiotherapy based on a perfect combination of the heaven,earth,human universal 3 energy field theory,traditional Chinese medical science of channels and collaterals and modem physical technology.

The earth is where human lives and a weak magnet itself.All lives on the earth have electromagnetic phenomena in adaptation to the earth magnetic field.To adapt themselves to the environment,the human body must have a regulatory mechanism,which is composed of the channels and collaterals that are closely related to magnetic field.It has been proven by neoteric magnetic biology and magnetic medicine that the acupoints on the channels and collaterals are the reaction points of the biological electromagnetic field,and also the treatment points of diseases.When a pain arises due to a disease,the biological electromagnetic properties of the relevant acupoints will mutate,leading to disorder of human tissues.If the dynamic,static magnetic field,far infrared thermal effects produced by the Band Massage field effect can be imposed on the relevant acupoints,the cross-acupoint biological electromagnetic field can be put in order through the message transfer between the acupoints to dredge the channels and collaterals for yin-yang balance,smooth qi and blood runs.In this way,diseases can be cured naturally.

Infrared rays generated by the field effect have a wavelength of 8-10.6Ωm and the thermal radiation can go into the skin by 3cm,to be absorbed by local tissues,cause local skin temperature rise,accelerated blood circulation,enhanced supply of oxygen and nutrients to tissues and cells,quickened carry-away of metabolites,strengthened absorption and dissipation of exudates.This will effectively enhance the immunologic function and improve the tissues at the focus,relieve inflammation and swelling.The far infrared thermal effect can also relieve and reduce the exciteability of nerve endings,so that the pain sense arising from oppression of nerve endings by the swelling will disappear naturally with the elimination of the swelling.Based on our above one decade of development the field effect therapy tends perfect.In the YC-E0V field effect therapeutic apparatus,we divide the field effect treatment strength into 5 steps,and provide intelligent control of the output strength.Thus,therapeutic doses are subdivided more precisely for greater therapeutic safely and effectiveness.

Product function:
YC-EOIIB Type electromagnetic effect therapy apparatus is an extended type based on YC-EO , provided with analogous acupuncture function, possibility of treatment by extracorporial medicine introduction and therapeutic function by per manent strong static magnetic field. Therefore, the patient may choose from diffe rent therapies basing on the condition of his sickness. This type is featured by constructional completeness and outstanding therapeutic effect, being a novel com prehensive therapeutic instrument for families. The midern electromagnetic theory is combined by this instrument with the Jing and Luo (channels and collaterals or human body) system in Chinese medicine,Thro ugh the Jing and Luo system and the acupucture points of human body,the instrumen t controls the biomagnetic field of patients so as to cure various kinds of disea se.

By clinical applications in about 20 hospitals,including the Beijing Hospital the General Hospital of the People’s liberation Army,the Zhong Shan University of Medical Science and the other hospitals concerned,thousands of cases have prov ed that the instrument is very curative for verious sorts of diseases.

It can give ideal curative effects to the patients,who have got hypochond-ria sis,such as neurogenic headache,cebral blood-supply insufficiency,enterogastric d iseases and menoxenia. The main applications and the treating period for most of the patients
1. For beriberi, traumatic infectious disease, pyogenesis, chilbain swelling. Dys menorrhea and cold-3 to 7 days;
2. For eczema: Stop itching within 40 min;
3. For piles(both internal and external):1 to 2 treating courses;
4. For rheumatic arthrites, psoas strain, peritendinitis calcarea of shoulder joint, cervical vertebra disease, sciatica, legs and arms in anaesthesia, brechial ple xus neuralgia, chronic nephritis, chronic tracheitis, allergic colitis, gastropathy, pleuisy, pelvitis and endometritis:1 to 3 treating courses;
5. For rheumatoid, osseous hyperolasia, hemiparesis, bone tuberculosis and myeli its
Obtain obvious curative effects in about 4 months;
6. For sprain, contusion, pains, muscular strain, neurogenic headache and cerebra l blood-supply insufficiency: Attain immediate curative effects in general;
7. For chronic hepatitis, hypertension and heart rate in disorders: Curative effects can be also got. Treatment Guide ( sample case)

Operating Voltage: 110V/220V 50-60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Input Power: 65VA
Output Voltage: 8V-36V
Energy level: 3 level
Timing: 15/30/45/60 minute
Magnetic field strength: 2mT-15mT
Intermediate Carrier frequency: 2000Hz
Modulation frequency: 0Hz-500Hz

Packing list
1 X YC-EOIIB Electromagnetic effect therapy apparatus
2 X Effect belt(Change to fabric, not leather.)
1 X English Manual (Common Acupuncture Guide)
1 X Warranty card

The three-layer effect belt is used.

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