Vibration Infrared Therapy Air Compression Body Massager Waist Leg Arm Relax Instrument Promote Blood Circulation Pain Relief

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  Fabric made by senior soft PU leather. Heptathlon massage on waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs and so easy to accumulation of fat at the shock Rouan, but also multi-site massage, strength, speed position freely adjustable, can relieve neck, shoulder, back, lower back pain . The product is safe to use, easy to operate. Versatile, can achieve weight-loss, health, leisure, three-one. Healthy weight-loss, health best instrument body. The leg massage products for the sports equipment products, those applications that require healthy weight loss, stomach indigestion, chronic constipation crowd, who need detoxification beauty, the population of sub-health state

Features :
1. Slim and tone your legs from feet to thighs
2. Relax your waist arm and leg,promote blood circulation
3. Calms tired legs and soothes muscle fatigue
4. Helps improve blood circulation
5. Easy to use in the comfort of your own home
6. Powerful air motor : Maximize the massaging effect by powerful air motor

1, must confirm their physical condition prior to use;
2, pay attention to understand before using foot massager features, intensity, frequency, and other related settings;
3, to determine foot massager voltage requirements;
4. Never use wet hands to plug, unplug the power massage;
5, the absolute prohibition in high humidity (such as bathrooms) using foot massager;
6, found that foot massager circuit portion is damaged must be deactivated immediately;
7, do not stand in the course of the massage;
8, children, the oldest old for the use of foot massager must be accompanied by someone;
9, the body with pacemakers and other electronic devices that disable a foot massage;
10, do not use common in patients with athlete’s foot Foot Massager;
11  should be left to professional maintenance department failed to troubleshoot, can not dismantle.

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