Vacuum Massage Therapy Machine Enlargement Pump Lifting Breast Enhancer Massager Cup And Body Shaping Beauty Device

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The specially designed vacuum pump can quickly improve size and shape or breast, without any aching and health threat, it does not involve silicon injection or pushing and filling bra, it would make you have natural and pretty breast according to physiological period.

1. The vacuum pump can absorb fat particle and liquid, and then make them enter breast tissue and cells, leave breast more developed.

2. Expulse toxin and purify lymphatic system, refine skin pore, re-build skin, improve micro-circulation, enhance collagen elasticity, lift drooping muscle, resist Wrinkle, activate skin, remove eye bag and double jaw, eliminate wrinkle and telangiectasis, and treat sub-health.

3. Stimulate pituitary to product hormone, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber, resume breast elasticity and softness, lift and develop breast, improve breast shape, leave improve suck nipple, stabilize treatment effect.

4. Expedite fatty acid transformation, safely and effectively remove excessive fat, reduce weight, slim up body, eliminate excessive fat on belly, improve leg shape, firm up skin, it can applied for scrub, point percussion therapy, lymphatic detoxification, treat cellulites, improve buttocks to realize perfect body contour.

5. This specially designed device can quickly improve the butt size and shape without the need for silicone injections or surgery.

Packing Size L38*W37*H38cm
Voltage 220V-240V/ 50Hz; 100V-120V/ 60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Power 50W
Gross Weight 6.0kg

Question: The description says it comes with breast cups. do the breast cups work for the butt also? or does it come with actual butt cups? and what size?
Answer: Hello, the picture contain cups accessories is very old. The breast cups shown there contains 3 pairs of treatment cups, the biggest one is butt cups, the other 2 pairs is for breast depending on different breast size.

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Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 35 cm

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