Ultrasonic Ionic Facial Beauty Massager Face Lift Skin Rejuvenation Galvanic Face Spa RF Electroporation Mesotherapy 110-240V

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5 in 1 beauty skin care facial massager machine with EP, MP, LED,EMS , RF Multi-function Facial Massager therapy. the most important skin care treatments can be done at the same time. Non-needle, Non-Surgical, Non-invasive, safe to use and easy to handle at home. Suitable for face and body care, also can use eyes, lips area.


1. Material: ABS, Stainless steel

2. Size: 165x45x46mm

3. Output: DC5V

4. Charging time:3Hs

5. Charging Power: 2.5W

6. Rating Power: max 10W

7. Standby time: 40 days

8. Vibration frequency: 8600RPM

9. Battery capacity: 850mAh

10. Working time: 10mins

11. Package: gift box, gift box size: 215x150x85mm


5 Main Functions:

1. EP (Electroporation): Introducing beauty essence into your skin

With our special technology called”Electroporation”you can achieve a high level of effective absorption without any pain.

2. Ultrasonic vibration: help to soften the blood clots and eliminate the spots

Promote absorption of blood circulation,speed up the metabolism

3. LED (Light Emitting Diode):
The Wavelength for Pink Light is 700nm ± 10nm , skin whitening, suitable for bleak skin.

The Wavelength for Red Light is 620nm ± 10nm, enhance skin elasticity, restore skin luster&elasticit

The Wavelength for Yellow Light is 590nm ± 10nm, relieve skin, prevent allergy.

The Wavelength for Green Light is 520nm ± 10nm . Inhibiting the growth of melanin, make skin whiter
The Wavelength for Blue Light is 620nm ± 10nm .Anti-acne, anti inflammatory, prevent acne, balance secretion of oil.

4. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation): For skin lifting, wrinkle and fine lines remova

Activate collagen recombination and growth through the specific EMS electric current, it can stimulate muscle movement, so that to improve fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, it will not cause any damage to your skin.

5. RF (Radio Frequency): For detoxification, lymphatic drainage & improve blood circulation.

High frequency is flowing in the shortest distance between the electrode, according to the specialty of high frequency and resistance of biological tissue. It will produce energy in the easy flowing parts, it means warm feeling into skin, and the cell matabolism promoted.

6. Ion-/Ion-+: function exclude harmful such as metal ions in the body. Deep cleanse.

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