Ultima Derma Pen A6 Auto Micro Needle Wireless and Wired Dr.Pen A6 Electric Micro Rolling Derma Stamp Therapy

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Speed Motor: Max 18000RMP
Model: Dr.pen A6
Material: aluminium
Speed: 5 levels
Needle length: 0.25mm
Power supply: wireless and wired 2 in 1 type
Certificate: CE, ISO13485
Best quality dr.pen
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We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

1. Do not damage the integrity of the skin structure;
2. Progressive treatment of deep skin toxins and waste;
3. The establishment of a large number of skin micro-pipe, transport base beauty products; (only 5 minutes, you can build tens of thousands of micropores);
4. Direct delivery of the required active ingredients to the effective absorption position of the skin; unique nano-compound biological factors symptomatic effect, clear purpose, significant effect, product composition permeability is hundreds of thousands of times times higher than ordinary beauty products;
5. Stimulate skin self-healing ability, maintain skin elasticity and are;
6. Activate cells, deal with damaged tissues, directly participate in cell metabolism, achieve considerable cosmetic effects
7. Unique bioactive ingredients to accelerate cell immunity enhancement, slow skin aging, can maintain a long-term youthful state;
8. Use the natural healing ability of the wound to induce the skin’s own nutrition and collagen growth;
9. Simple operation, no trauma, also known as “Lunch Break beauty”;
10. Easy and easy to see skin changes in an instant.

Operation Flow:
1. Cleaning: Common methods to clean the face 2.A.75% Alcohol disinfection micro-needle for 15 minutes.
B. Alcohol or chlorhexidine disinfection facial.
3. Anesthesia: Roll it over with a micro needle and apply the associated alcohol, which can be operated when alcohol is effective.
4. Clean again: saline rinse micro needle, saline wipe test operation site.
5. Micro Needle Introduction: Dissolved freeze-dried powder, side droplet freeze-dried powder or raw liquid side micro-needle-type operation time 15_20 minutes.
6. Back red shrinkage pores: with the red product liquid to spit to dry can be.
7. Apply mask: Put the special mask in the corresponding part after operation to dry.
8. Raw LIQUID: Smear the relevant special liquid.
9. Home care: Morning and evening smear special essence to speed up wound healing, after surgery to heal the wound, you can use their own cosmetics.



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