Transfusion Heater with Temperature Display for Infusions, Nasogastric, and Intravenous Nutrition

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Transfusion Heater is an innovative product designed to provide comprehensive warmth care for patients. With a carefully crafted bidirectional heating system, it allows adjustable temperature ranging from 30°C to 50°C, ensuring a more comfortable medical experience. Whether it’s infusion, nasogastric feeding, or nutritional fluids, our product is a reliable partner you can trust.

Product Features:

Smart Temperature Control: Adjustable temperature range from 30°C to 50°C precisely regulates the temperature of infusion fluids, providing the most suitable therapeutic environment for patients.

Portable Design: Paired with a 1-meter Type-C USB cable, it can be powered by a smartphone charger or power bank, making it more portable and convenient for patients to use in various settings.

Versatile Applications: Suitable not only for infusion, nasogastric feeding, and nutritional fluids but also widely used in blood dialysis, preoperative warming, neonatal care, extracorporeal circulation, emergency and disaster medical care, postoperative recovery, and pediatric healthcare, among other fields.

Enhanced Drug Absorption: By minimizing the temperature difference between infusion fluids and body temperature, it promotes the dissolution of drugs in the fluid, contributing to improved drug absorption efficiency.

One-Click Activation: Simple operation with a one-click start, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.


Scope of Application: Winter Infusions, Nasogastric Feeding, and Nutritional Fluids: Addresses the issue of cold infusion fluids in winter, providing constant temperature heating for a comfortable treatment experience.

Blood Dialysis: During blood dialysis, the infusion heater can be used to regulate the temperature of dialysis fluid, improving patient comfort and maintaining an appropriate temperature difference between the fluid and patient body.

Preoperative Warming: Before surgery, the infusion heater can be used to preheat infusion fluids, ensuring that the fluids administered during surgery are warm and contributing to the maintenance of the patient’s body temperature.

Neonatal Care: In neonatal care, the infusion heater can be used to adjust the temperature of prepared fluids, ensuring the appropriate temperature of fluids administered during feeding or treatment.

Extracorporeal Circulation: In situations requiring extracorporeal circulation, such as cardiac surgery, the infusion heater can control the temperature of extracorporeal circulation fluid, maintaining stable patient body temperature.

Emergency and Disaster Medical Care: In emergency and disaster medical care, the infusion heater can be used to provide warm infusions for injured or evacuated patients, helping maintain their vital signs.

Postoperative Recovery: In the postoperative recovery stage, the infusion heater can be used to deliver warm fluids, promoting the patient’s recovery process.

Pediatric Applications: In pediatric healthcare, the infusion heater can be used to ensure that fluids administered to infants or children are at the appropriate temperature.

Why Choose Our Product? Transfusion Heater not only boasts advanced features such as smart temperature control and a portable design but also plays a crucial role in various medical scenarios, enhancing treatment effectiveness. Choosing our product means opting for a more comfortable and safer medical experience.

Purchase Transfusion Heater and let the warmth of technology accompany medical care, bringing a better quality of life to patients. Elevate your medical equipment standards now by choosing Transfusion Heater, where care always flows warmly.

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