TENS UNIT/Dual channel output TENS EMS pain relief/Electrical nerve muscle stimulator/Digital therapy massager/Physiotherapy

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Middle and low frequency Rechargeable Physical therapy cervical vertebra Acupuncture Electrotherapy Massage apparatus 110-220v

Please note: only our store contains (English manual, Spanish manual, Portuguese manual, Russian manual). Other stores only have Chinese manuals. If you don’t know Chinese, you may not be able to use the device.

Product introduction:
1 built-in rechargeable battery; digital multifunction, convenient carrying, simple operation;
2 large LCD screen;
3 Chinese and English voice navigation;
4 time and the treatment of the prescription choice function;
5 infrared hot compress, moderate and low temperature treatment, suitable for all kinds of health care and treatment;
6, intermediate frequency, low frequency, full function of hypertension, insomnia, acupuncture, massage, cupping, massage, thump ten modes;
Three 7 physiotherapy output hole, can simultaneously receive the heat treatment and the pulse treatment, also may simultaneously treat 2 people;
8 output pulse gentle powerful, comfortable, reliable curative effect, no electric shock feeling upgrade.


1 x Electrotherapeutical instrument
2 x A two line buckle
4 pair Blue Paster
1 x Charger
1 x Instruction manual
1 x A two pin
1 x Heating bandage
1 pair Non woven patch
1 x English manual
1 x Spanish manual
1 x Portuguese manual
1 x Russian manual
1 x Retail box
Power on: Press and hold “ON / OFF” for 3 seconds.
English and Chinese switch: press the first button “EN / CN” to switch language.
Flashlight Function: Press the power button twice to turn on, then press twice to turn off.
Hot / Beauty Function: Press the “Mode” button to switch for 3 seconds.
Many people do not know how to start the device. Please watch this video tutorial.

Need to massage shoes! Please contact customer service, (price 10 dollars a pair)



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