Tabletop Manual Food Canning Manual Tin Aluminum Sealer Tdfj-160 Electric Easy Open Can Sealing Machine 25 Cans/min 39-200mm

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1. Simple touch screen, easy to operate and grip, safe.

2. High-quality high-power dual motors, the whole machine runs efficiently and stably, with high output power and high efficiency.

3. High-quality rotary kit, the use of thick shaft, long service life, effective protection of motor operation, not rust.

4. Plastic spraying process of chassis, after polishing treatment, long-term use of the product is still bright as new.

Productivity: 10-20/minute.
This machine is suitable for all kinds of round iron, plastic, paper cans, round container sealing, etc. Reliable quality, easy to operate, lighter weight, is the ideal equipment for food and beverage industry.




 Driven type



 AC 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz



 Can diameter

 45-110mm (can be customized for bigger size)

 Height of can

 39-200mm(can be customized for bigger size)

 Working speed

 about 25 pcs/min

 Package size


 Gross weight

 about 50kg




Note: One machine comes with one sealing head for fixed cans height and diameter,it can’t be adjusted.Other cans with different size has to use corresponding sealing head.






• Suitable for sealing all kinds of circular iron cans, paper can,Iron steel cans,PET plastic cans , glass cans and so on,Quality is reliable, tank mouth ruffled uniform no folds, no leakage. 

• Easy Operation and light weight, use the lighting power, a person can complete the operation. 

• Compared with the traditional manual sealing machine, the electric sealing machine can greatly improve the efficiency of sealing, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce the bad products caused by human factors, and it is an ideal equipment for food and beverage industry.


Operation key step 

1. Prepare before starting work: 

Check all parts well lubricated.
Check the firmware for loose power cord for damage.
Check the rotation system and the movement mechanism for faults and abnormal sounds. 

2. Adjust: 

Press the jog slowly adjust switch, rotary screw lift, adjusted to the desired height jar.


To go through the first two road rollers and road rollers roll bar were to be completed, adjust the position of the wheel when seaming, you can get the desired position sealing rollers.


3. Test Sealing:


Start the motor, will install good material covered jar lid.


The jar on the seamer lower die and righting jar.


Confirm jar placed in the correct position, you can step on the pedal point after sealing lid on correctly.


Press the power button to shut down 

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Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 32 cm

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