Strabismus amblyopia Eye Monocular vision training Blackout correction

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Product name: Fractured ruler sight normotopia training instrument
Purpose: improving amblyopia, having a good effect in strabismus, establishing amblyopia binocular function, conservative training for strabismus patients, as well as consolidating after strabismus surgery.
Product list:
Single-hole plate 1
Double-hole plate 1
Aperture sliding ruler 1
Picture sliding ruler 1
Cradle head 1
Picture and picture support plate 1
Support arm 2
Pedestal 1
Nut 4 pairs
Installation steps:
1. Connect aperture sliding ruler and picture sliding ruler with the cradle head in a straight line, and tighten the nut.
2. Clamp two support arms and the connecting bores of the picture sliding ruler, tighten the nuts.
3. Put the connecting bores of the pedestal between the other side of two support arms and tighten the nut. Pay attention that the side of connecting bores of the pedestal and the picture sliding ruler is on one direction.
4. Slide the picture pallet into the picture sliding ruler, and make the picture face to aperture sliding ruler.
5. Slide the single-hole plate or double-hole plate into aperture sliding ruler according to need.
6. Fractured foot training (Please read training instructions).
Device settings:
1. According to the number on the fracture bezel and card, fix the bezel and training card on the fractured foot respectively.
2. Please make the fractured foot face to the nose.
Collection training:
1. Starting from 1th cards:
2. Cover the patient’s left and right eye alternately, patients should report what seen by the left eye and right eye’s sighting mark are different.
3. Remove cover, asking patients what their eyes can see.
4. The patient may report diplopia, or monocular suppression or fuse the binocular sighting marks into a single pattern.
5. Explain to patients the training objective is to get a single clear pattern.
6. If patients cannot fuse, you can try the following methods:
Suggest that the patient feel the sighting marks are closing to themselves.
Move training cards a little closer.
7. If you still have difficulty, you can try using guide rod to help. Put the guide rod behind the fractured bezel, and ask the patient to watch guide rod, the patient will see a guide rod and a picture, once the patient access to fusion, the guide rod can be pulled out. After some training, the patient will access to fusion without the help of the guide rod.
8. If the patient reports a fusion, ask the clarity of the pattern, whether inhibitory control clues in the picture appears, whether feel the depth of the pattern.
9. Ask the patient to keep the fusion and count to 5. Move the sight away from training card for a moment, again watched the training card, access fusion as quickly as possible.
10. Repeat this procedure 5 times with each training card. Change the training card, and adjust the location of single fissure bezel, repeat all the above steps (3-9), until the 12th card.
Separate training:
Separate training and collection training steps are basically the same, the difference is:
1. Using double fissure bezel picture.
2. When using the guide rod positioning, put the guide rod behind the pictures.
End of the training:
Collection training-sighting mark clear and single, reaching 12th cards(20△BO)
Separate training- sighting mark clear and single, reaching 6th card (15△BO)

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