Sleep Instrument Insomnia Cure Conditioning Hypnosis Acupuncture Point Massage Sleep Aids Machine for Sleep Relax

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Conditioning principle:
1) Balance δ (Delta) waves, naturally sleep.
Through the meridian conduction of acupoints, it regulates brain wave activity, improves abnormal brain waves, and returns it to a normal and stable state.
2) Regulate the release of serotonin neurons.
Through acupuncture points on the ear, induce and adjust brain waves to keep them in the normal range, avoid excessive release of central nervous system damage, maintain normal physiological functions, and let people naturally go to sleep.

1) Small size, easy to carry, enjoy a good night’s sleep anytime, anywhere.
2) The effect is better. Most sleep instruments on the market are ear clips, easy to pinch the earlobe, even pinching the congestion, the area of contact conditioning is small. And our sleep instrument is the eardrum, which can perfectly fit the acupuncture points of the ear to reach Good acupuncture effect.
3) Easy to use. a, wet the electronic eardrum, enhance the conditioning effect. b, connect the electronic eardrum to the wire, and put it into the ear. c, dial the right side of the pulley to start, slowly adjust, listen to the intensity, enter the conditioning.
4) More safe, no side effects. With automatic power off function, when the skip speed is too fast, it will automatically enter the protection state.

Color: White
Power: DC 4.5v (3 1.5v batteries, Package does not include battery)
Output waveform: Asymmetric composite pulse electrical signal, presented as Fangxingbo
Output pulse frequency: 0-2000hz
Applicable people: Difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, dreams, anxiety, depression, etc.
Electronic eardrum: a pair of large, a pair of small

Package Included:
1 x sleep aid
1 x small electronic eardrum
1 x large electronic eardrum
1 x wire
1 x english manual



1) Evenly moisten the eardrum to enhance the effect of conditioning and insomnia.
2) Connect the eardrum to the wire and insert it into the left and right ears.
3) Turn the right pulley to turn on, slowly adjust, listen to the intensity, use the intensity that you can accept, and enter the adjustment.

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