Red Light Therapy Device Wireless LED Near Infrared Cold Sore And Canker Sore Light Therapy Relief Pain Skin Care Beauty Wand

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Red Light Therapy Device Wireless LED Near Infrared Cold Sore And Canker Sore Light Therapy Relief Pain Skin Care Beauty Wand

The LED Red and Infrared Light Therapy

💕Red Light Therapy also called Low-Level Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation(PBM) It produces a specific light wavelength and light irradiance.

💕LED, through its emitting chip, could get the light that we need. It has been proven LED has the same effectiveness as a laser and it safe to use.

💕Our Red Light Therapy Device with Pulse Width Modulating(PWM) driven, Maximum the LED light irradiance.

Red Led Light Therapy Device Specifications:

❥Type: Red Light Therapy for Cold Sore & Canker Sore & Pain Relief
❥Battery voltage and capacity: 3.7V/2000mAh 7.4WH
❥Material: aluminum
❥Power: 4W
❥Battery: 2000mA rechargeable lithium ion battery
❥Adapter (charging) input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.
❥Power output: DC5V/1000mA
❥USB charging: Type-c
❥Light source: 6W high-power dual wavelength LED (red 3W+near-infrared 3W)
❥Wavelength: 660nm+850nm
❥Ambient temperature+5 ℃ to+40 ℃
❥Relative temperature: 30% – 75%
❥Size: 170mm × 25mm/6.69″ × 098″
❥Net weight: 175g



❥❥【RED LIGHT THERAPY 2 IN 1】Effortlessly speed up cold sore recovery on the lip, relieve symptoms quickly, use the included precision tip attachment red 660nm and near-infrared 850nm dual therapy to speed up wound healing. Have fun without complications
❥❥【 FACE AND BODY 2-IN-1】With the tip, it is a facial treatment device for the mouth, nose and ears, and with the removable tip, it is a red light treatment flashlight or pain relief device for any part of the body
❥❥【CAREFUL DESIGN】This red light therapy device measures 6.6*1 inches. Built-in rechargeable battery and handheld design is easy to carry and use at any time, the device is medical-grade shell material, multi-level quality control, sterilized and entranceable, reusable
❥❥【SAFE AND EFFECTIVE】With this red light therapy flashlight, you don’t have to worry about lipstick, gel, getting dirty. An innovative painless mouth ulcer treatment device that helps treat sores in or around the mouth. There is also a painless genital pain relief device designed to help you manage pain on or around your genitals.

Use on Sore Area

● Hold the device over the sore area at the distance of 1cm away from the skin. Keep the light on the treatment area for one minute. Do not move or wave device across the treatment area.
●At 1cm distance the diameter of light beam is around 1.5cm. lf the treatment area is larger than the beam size, please separate the treatment zone into parts, and finish them one by one.
● If you feel any discomfort triggered by the use of the device, increase the distance of the device from your skin or stop treatment immediately.

**When red light irradiated canker sores, the mean healing time decreased from 8.9 days to 3.1 days. A questionnaire survey showed that 90% of mouth ulcer patients believed that red light therapy could immediately help them relieve their pain

Precautions for Use

*During the operation, aim the top at the correct position. Meanwhile, it starts counting down and stops working when counting down to “0”.
*During operation,the therapy can be stopped by press the power button at any time.
*This equipment will turn off automatically if don’t any action within 5 minutes,turn it on by press any button.
*After a working cycle, Can press the power switch to start another working cycle. Stop operating if the equipment began to heat obviously, do not restart until the equipment cool down. Suggest continues working cycle less than 5 times.
*Low power detective circuit is fixed inside of the main unit,when low power is detected, the display screen of main unit will wink, please stop using and charge.
*When the battery needs to be charged, connect the plug of the adapter into the AC100V~240V power supply.Then connect the output plug of the adapter to the DC 5.0V input plug of the body.

Q & A

●Is the red light a laser light?

No, it is LED Red light. So, it is safe to use. But don’t let the light hit your eyes directly.

●Can I put device directly on the skin?

Yes. You may touch unbroken skin with the device.

●Can I use the device every hour?

No, using it more frequently than every 8 hours will not improve results and could reduce efficacy, please follow our dosage instruction.

●ls the product waterproof?

This product is not waterproof, please do not splash water during use.

●How long does it take for me to feel any improvements?

It depends on the severity; it may provide relief almost immediately and it would shorten the healing time than normal.

●When using the device, shall | move it around or finish the 1 minute session before moving to another spot?

Our recommended usage is to apply a full dose on one spot before moving to another one.


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