Rechargeable Vacuum Suction Blackhead remover pore cleansing massage Skin Peeling Facial SPA blackhead suction acne machine

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Product parameters:

product name: Blackhead instrument
Operating Voltage: 3.7V
Charging voltage: 5.0V
Net weight: 140g
GW: 365g
Package Size: 198*128*55mm 198 * 128 * 55mm
Packing List: 1* host, 1* USB charge cable, 1bag*Filter sponge, 4* suct head, 1* working instruction, 1* qualify certification, 1* after service card
Product Model: KD802
rated power: 0.8V
Charging time: About 3 hours
Implementation of standards: GB4706.1 GB4706.15


LED blue light principle
LED blue light suppressed acnes!
Mainly through the blue light to kill the inflammatory infections acne Propionibacterium, calm inflammation in order to achieve the purpose of removing acne. Its mechanism of action is: acne bacteria will produce a substance called porphyrin in the metabolic process , and this substance just to attract a specific wavelength of blue light, and binds to, eventually leading to bacterial death. So Blu-ray is the fastest and effective method for the treatment of inflammatory acne. Blu-ray is a high purity light, strong penetrating the skin but does not harm normal skin, thus no damaging the skin, there is no side effects.
5 mani effects:
It has a strong deep cleaning function, with serum or skin care cream to do deep treatment will get more better effects.
1) Strong adsorption capacity
2) Blu-ray suppress acne, shrink pores
3) Mute, powerful
4) A variety of tips for different parts
5) Recovery newborn without leaving marks
Black Instrument working procedure:
Step 1: According to your needs to replace the different tips
Unplug the rotary tip
Replace the suction head
Test if enough suction or not
Step 2: First device steam face 5 minutes with face steamer, the pores open and easier to suck out the blackheads.
Step 3: Suck blackheads.
Note: Gently suck many times, do not stay too long in one place, to prevent nose irritation.
Step 4: shrink pores, skin cooling
1) Lighting 5 minutes with blue light
2) with cold spray to the low down the skin temperature, shrink pores, remove redness and swelling.





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