Professional Roller Massage Shaping Slimming Physical Therapy Cellulite Removal Inner Ball Roller Vela Body Shape Machine

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The most advanced technology in the world for the improvement of cellulite, lymphatic drainage, and muscle tone.

Endosphere is a technology that uses an innovative Compressive Micro vibration system, a treatment that, through a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres, generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations. It is aninnovative full-body treatment with clinically proven results, which will improve lymphatic drainage and circulation, help decrease pain and increase muscle tone and reduce cellulite.

The Endosphère Therapy device is a patented unique method of figure shaping and cellulite control.

1.Top 10: Endosphere has been voted one of the top 10 hottest new devices for body enhancement in the Aesthetics Guide Magazine.

2. Non-Invasive: Endosphere is a globally recognized treatment for the body and face. It’s a non-invasive treatment that delivers 5 synergistic actions; cellulite reduction enhanced lymphatic drainage, stimulation of blood flow reduced aches and pains, and increased muscle tone.

3. Unique 360° intelligent rotating drum handle, continuous long-term operation mode, safe and stable.

4. There is an LED display on the handle to display the time and speed, and an LED display light pole, which makes it easier to control and adjust the rotation direction and speed on the body handle.

5. One-key switch between forward and reverse directions.

6. The silicone ball is flexible and smooth, effortless, the rolling process is gentle and does not sting, and the movement is soft and evenly pushed, massaged, and lifted to achieve the best effect.

Two handles of different sizes, the treatment area can cover the whole body!

The big handle can be used on arms, legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, the small handle is suitable for face, neck, shoulder.

One Treatment that delivers multiple results.

1. Stimulate & Enhance lymphatic drainage, Improve circulation & blood flow

2. Decrease pains & aches, Increase muscle tone

3. Reduce cellulite

4. Contour the entire body and face

5.  Improve the appearance of lax skin,Improve skin tone

6. Reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles

7. Reduce fluid retention

Endosphere is a 100% non-invasive method with no downtime and uses the latest technology to make treatments enjoyable and effective.

In clinical observations of 656 patients, Endosphere improved cellulite by 39% and had a 97.8% customersatisfaction rating.

Working Principle

By intelligently combining both Microvibration and Microcompression technology, Endosphere triggers the break down of fibrous septae and accelerates lymphatic drainage. The handpiece uses 55 rotating spheres, which produce a pulsed rhythmic action on the tissues which contours problem areas such as the legs, arms, and stomach.

Reshaping action: Reshapes contours and smooths out wrinkles

Muscle action: Tones muscles and tightens tissues

Sedation: Improve oxygen and eliminate pain

Drain action: Eliminate toxins and help lymphatic drainage

Vascular effect: Improve circulation and nourish tissues

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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