PEMF Equine Loop Magnetic Therapy For Horse Hock Disease Treatment Physiotherapy Machine

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Tissues, cells, and fluids within all of our bodies have ions. Ions may respond to an electrical or magnetic field.

Magnets have been used to influence imbalances in the body’s energy channels and promote healing in a wide variety of ailments in human and veterinary.

How PEMF Works

A pulsating magnetic field is created by passing an electric current through a coil. The electrical impulse, which can have varying frequency and intensity, interacts with ions in the cells and enhances cellular activity.

This stimulation at a cellular level results in improved blood flow, more efficient removal of metabolic waste products, and regeneration of cells. Pulsed electromagnetic units, full body blankets, and boots for horses are designed to be purposefully positioned over sore muscles, joints, and injured areas.

Benefits of PEMF for Horses

  • Stimulates cellular metabolism

  • Increases circulation

  • Reduces edema and inflammation

  • Promotes relaxation

PEMF, being a magnetic wave, can penetrate hair, fur and bandage material, making it ideal for a veterinary setting. PEMF waves can target different tissues depending the internal charge of that tissue and the frequency of the unit.

What can PEMF be used for?

The most common uses include pain and inflammation, however devices can be adjusted for nervous system tissue and used for calming. Since horses are so prone to injury, it helps with almost any type of tissue damage. PEMF can be very useful for localized pain in the foot, pastern, knee, hock and stifle. Laminitis cases can often gain benefit, either in the acute or chronic stage.


Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, also known as low field magnetic stimulation, is a therapy that uses electromagnetic fields to treat non-union fractures and other ailments.

PEMF therapy helps cells recover from injury or chronic illness, by restoring optimal cellular functions. It is popular among elite athletes, who have reported a significant improvement in pain within 24 hours. However, PEMF treatment isn’t a cure for all diseases.

PEMF therapy for horses is beneficial for alleviating numerous cell-related injuries. It has beneficial effects in minimizing tendon and ligament injuries, and also works with soreness of the back, the stifle, the hock, and the shoulders. This treatment can also work to alleviate non-union fractures, stone bruises, and stimulate wounds that are not healing as they should.

What is PEMF?

The body is an electrical machine, with nerves conducting electricity to every cell. PEMF can enhance the transmission of the internal electrical charges that keep the cells running. Inside each cell there are many metabolic processes happening that all require cellular energy to fuel them. The PEMF wave improves the internal cellular energy.


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