Ozone Face Sprayer ion vaporizer Beauty Salon Skin Care vapor Facial Steamer Whitening Moisturizing Exfoliating herbal vaporizer

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Rated voltage / frequency: 220V ~ 50Hz
Rated power: 22W
Water tank capacity: 210mL
Spray time:> 20 minutes
Weight: 552g
Gross Weight: 828g
Product size: 195 * 100 * 165mm
Packing size: 228 * 150 * 189mm
Spray type: Cool, aroma oil and ozone ion spray, multifunctions.

Product introudction:

KD2331-7 Cold spray ion moisture sprayer has beautiful appearance, easy operation, large amount of fog, uniform spray. Cold fog is through a specially designed ultrasonic vibration inside the machine , mist into ultrafine particles 1-5 microns by pneumatic means mist into the air, the air moist and accompanied by a rich oxygen ions, calm the skin, lasting moistring, like in a natural forests.



1. Deep moisturing

Ultrafine particles 1-5 microns

2. Lasting moisture
Super thick cold fog
3. 360degrees rotatable nozzle
Unlimited spray when siting, crouching, lying
4.Calm the Skin
After-sunshine repair Shrink pores


Working principle:

Sprayer consists of a steam generator. Steam generator consists of a beaker and electrical components, similar to the principle ot the kettle, The heating elements placed in the beaker produce heat energy through current, water temperature gradually increased in the beaker until boiling to steam, mist ejected from the gas vents, then forma spray.



1. Quick fog

1second quick out of fog

2. Thick fog
Uniform fog
3. Nona ion spray
Finer particles, more easily absorbed
4. Anti sensitive
Suitable for any skin
5. Safety equipment
Automatic power-off if dry

Spray types:

1) Herbal spray

2) Aromatherapy spray

3) Cold spray







Cleaning Method:

1. Use 3-5 times per inner tank has scale, you can add a small amount of white vinegar for cleaning, after each use,clean drained the water inside the tank.

2. Tank drainage methods: first, remove the nozzle, and then tilt the machine make the remaining water flow from the spray port until back clean.


Warm tips:

After each use, pour the remaining water in the tank, to prevent residual water in place a long time cause odors.

1. Unplug the power cord.
2. Disconnect the nozzle,tilt the machine to drainage.
3. Unplug the bottom water shutoff, shake machine left and right, draining residual water.

Packing list:

1. The host.

2. The color packing box.

3. Product operation instruction book.



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