NV8160 Night Vision Binoculars 1080P HD 8x Digital Infrared Head Mount Hunting Telescope 400m Surveillance Camping Equipment

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Hunting, Scouting, Tactics, Security and Surveillance, Camping Fun, Cave Exploring, Night Fishing and Boating, Wildlife Observing and Photographing, and more.


♦Three ways to use, can be used portable, can be used with professional special police helmet, can be used by hand

♦Ultra-bright infrared light for long-distance observation at night

♦Starlight-level SENSOR, low-light long-distance observation

♦ 2.7-inch 640*480 ultra-high-definition TFT screen, 6.5 times larger window eyepiece magnifying glass, equivalent to 17.5-inch screen viewing

♦The observation process can be photographed/video

♦Starlight level SENSOR, you can observe from a distance without turning oninfrared light under low light condition

♦Ultra brightinfrared light have a distance of 300-400m at night

♦Multi-button simple operation, 12 languages optional, support date and time setting and date stamp imprint, user experience is very good

♦2.7″ Ultra HD TFT, equipped with 6.5x eyepiece magnifying glass observation window; similar products in the market are 2.0″ TFT small size, low resolution

♦Diameter 25mm, 35mm focal length, super-large aperture lens, 10x optical magnification, 8x digital zoom, a total of 10*8=80x magnification to magnify and observe distant scenes

♦You can take photos and videos to record the observation object at that time


1*NV8160 Night vision devices

1*Data cable

1*helmet adapter


1*fixing screw


1*mirror cloths


1*Paper box

1*Helmet Mounting Bracket 

NOTES on Cleaning:

Before cleaning the device, disconnect it from thepower supply (remove batteries)! Only use a drycloth to clean the exterior of the device.To avoiddamaging the electronics, do not use any cleaningfluid.Clean the eyepieces andlor lenses only with asoft, lint-free cloth, (e.g.microfibre cloth). To avoid scratching the lenses, use only gentle pressure with the cleaning cloth.Protect the device fromdust and moisture.Store it in a bag or box.Remove the batteries from the device if it is notused for a longer time.

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