NV8000 3D Infrared Night Vision Binoculars Telescope Professional HD 1080P Head Mount Camera for Hunting Camping Tactics Goggle

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Application scenarios: tactics, reconnaissance, hunting, security and surveillance, camping fun, cave exploration, nocturnal fish and boating, wildlife observation and photography, etc.


Image resolution 3M(2048×1536) 、2M(1600×1200)、1M(1280×960)、VGA(640×480)
Video resolution 1080P(1920x1080P@30FPS ) 960P(1280×960@30FPS )、VGA(640×480@30FPS )
Sensor 1.3MP star light sensor
Display Built in dual screen 1.4 ” 390*390 TFT internal screen, 7 levels brightness adjustment, Single and dual screen free switching display
Eyepiece  Completely independent binoculars technology, which can independently adjust the visual acuity compensation of the left and right
eyes (refractive adjustment range is plus or minus +/-3, i.e. 300 adjustment compensation for myopia and hyperopia)
Infrared light 3W, 850nm, 7 levels adjustment
Camera F1.4, f=25mm,FOV 10 °
Auto power off 1min/3min/5min/off
Visible distance 200m-250m in totally dark environment. 
Magnification digital 4x
Battery 3.7V,3000MAH lithium battery
Size/weight 152mm*122*55mm /440g


1*NV8000 Night vision devices

1*Helmet Mounting Bracket

1*Data cable

1*helmet adapter


1*fixing screw


1*mirror cloths


1*Paper box


♦ Dual-screen binocular NAKED eye 3D display technology, restore the real 3D scene seen by human eyes (naked eye 3D night vision patent has been authorized in various countries)

♦ Built-in dual-screen 1.4″390*390 TFT inner screen,7 levels of IR adjustment

♦ Fully independent dual-screen binocular technology, can adjust the visual compensation of left and right eyes independently(refractive adjustment range +/-3, that is, nearsightedness, farsightedness 300 adjustment compensation),7 times magnification

♦ Small in size, light in weight, portable in use, and very suitable for head wear

♦ 250-300 meters all dark observation distance,1m~infinity Weak light observation distance

♦ Built-in 3000mAh lithium battery

♦ High power IR,7 levels of IR brightness adjustment

♦ 4 color effects: Color, Black and white, Moonlight Green, Film negative (negative)

♦ IP54 waterproof


♦3D Display Technology

The goggles featurea US patented autostereoscopic 3D display which uses the imaging.mechanism of a human eye to transform a standard 2D view into 3D vision.

♦1.4″ Dual Display Screen

You can choose between two 1.4 inch displays. In addition, both come with 3D functionality and 7 brightness levels to ensure high image quality under any conditions. In addition, you can also switch between single and dual display modes.

♦7 Infrared Power Levels

The goggles are cleverly designed with a built-in 3W 850nm IR LED light, enabling you to see clearly at a distance of 300M. You can also adjust it with 7 infrared power levels.

♦Dual Eyepieces Adapted to Your Eyesight

The goggles come with independent dual eyepieces, which can be adjusted to suit each eye.As a result, you do not need to wear extra glasses whilst using the goggles whether you are short or far-sighted.

NOTES on Cleaning:

Before cleaning the device, disconnect it from thepower supply (remove batteries)! Only use a drycloth to clean the exterior of the device.To avoiddamaging the electronics, do not use any cleaningfluid.Clean the eyepieces andlor lenses only with asoft, lint-free cloth, (e.g.microfibre cloth). To avoid scratching the lenses, use only gentle pressure with the cleaning cloth.Protect the device fromdust and moisture.Store it in a bag or box.Remove the batteries from the device if it is notused for a longer time.


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