NEW 5 Level EMS RF Facial Lifting Micro-current Anti-aging Beauty Device LED Blue Light Skincare 360 Degree Rotary Massager T6

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Bio pen T6 is a beauty instrument that integrates four functions of radio frequency ( RF ) micro Current ( EMS ) electric skin lifting and blue lighttherapy . It is suitable for beauty salons and home use . It has a powerful built-in intelligent control system . The adjustment of the three major functions of radio frequency , micro current and massage can realize customized classification of skin care for the forehead , eyearea , face , jawline , neck , back , abdomen , legs , arms and other parts .At the same time , it has an intelligent time control system , which can customize the working time to meet different needs ; among them the three modes of electric skin lifting can be super imposed with radio frequency , micro current and blue light to enhance the skin beautification effect


What can 3 in 1 EMS RF LED machine do ?

1.Reduces cellulite on the body by breaking up fat cells quickly and powerfully .
2.Tightens loose and sagging skin on face and neck , reducing double chin .
3.Firms the skin around the eye area and fade dark circles.
4.Reduces facial wrinkles , minimizes darks spots discoloration , helping to reveal smoother , whiter skin
5.Boosts metabolism and circulation in the body and enhances the skin’s luminosity
6.Accelerates the decomposition of fat ,helping you to achieve a slimmer figure

Has anyone had good results with this machine?

Answer: For the cavitation, set the frequency at 32 for the best results. Use for 20-30 mins every 3 days. Have patience and stick with it and you¡¯ll start to notice results after 2-4 months. It¡¯s a slow process but it works. To test the device, crack an egg in a cup of water and place the cavitation head into the water and you¡¯ll see how it breaks open the yolk and destroys it.


1. No diet, no anorexia.Completely non-invasive treatment with no need of surgery and anesthesia .Obvious visible results can be achieved without the risk of gaining back weight.
Different from exercise control diet to lose weight.

2. Short operation time
Each treatment takes about 15 to 30 minutes

3. Not easy to rebound,Does not cause side effects such as uneven skin , nor swelling.
4. No harm to the body,Overall safe and effective to use.
5.Applicable to various areas of body including face , neck , belly , waist ,thigh , calf and buttocks.


Product design feature

1. It is a technology that meets the RF function and shows the effect of lifting and wrinkle removing.
2. Rotary massage technology is a relatively recognized technology in the theater equipment, which is integrated in small desktop equipment.
3. The touch screen design and the background design power adjustment range can be adjusted freely according to the individual’s adaptive energy.
4. The hospital equipment is relatively large, and the cost is high. The handheld equipment is low in cost, but the energy is relatively small. In the case of comprehensive introduction of small desktop compatible hospital functions.

Bio pen T6 Function

1. RF technology can promote the regeneration of deep collagen and play a role in lifting and removing wrinkles.

2. EMS pulse technology stimulates the activity of aging cells and restores skin elasticity.

3. Rotary massage technology can relax and relieve tense skin, and make RF energy penetrate more evenly.

4. LED phototherapy helps skin to better absorb the product.

Do you have these troubles?

Fat accumulation
Diet to lose weight
Sagging skin


Three lifting massage directions:

  1. Clockwise Lifting This direction is often employed to address visible wrinkles and nasolabial folds on the left side of the face. It works against the natural growth direction of pores to achieve an upward lifting effect.

  2. Anticlockwise Lifting Anticlockwise lifting is also used for addressing pronounced wrinkles and nasolabial folds on the left side of the face. It involves working against the direction of pore growth to achieve a lifting effect.

  3. Clockwise and Anticlockwise Soothing This technique is commonly used in the steps of skincare massage to enhance the absorption of skincare products, relieve fatigue, and lift and shape the skin.

Additional skincare methods:

  • Electric Skin Lifting + Radio Frequency + Blue Light Skin heating therapy can stimulate collagen regeneration in the dermis. When combined with electric skin lifting, it can provide comprehensive skincare. Simultaneously, it can control skin temperature to improve skincare efficiency, reduce wrinkles, and tighten the skin.

  • Electric Skin Lifting + Blue Light + EMS EMS boosts cell activity, promotes muscle movement, and restores skin elasticity. It can enhance capillary blood circulation and facilitate nutrient absorption by skin tissue.

  • Electric Skin Lifting + Blue Light Blue light can reduce inflammation and pigmentation, enhancing the overall beauty effect. When combined with Radio Frequency, EMS, and Rotation, it can achieve better results with less effort.

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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