Multifunction Ultrasound 80Khz Cavitation Machine For Body Slimming Lose Weight Skin Tightening Fat Burning Body Shaping Device

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Working Principle



1) Smoothing the whole body meridian, Smoothing the body, eliminating fatigue, and improving fitness, it can be used for scraping and improving sub-health in any part of the body.

2) Improvement of cervical spondylosis, Prevention, and improvement of cervical spondylosis, improvement of dizziness, headache, improvement of shoulder and neck pain, numbness, swelling, pain, relief of fatigue, and prevention of scapulohumeral periarthritis.

3) To improve the lumbar disease Improve lumbar stiffness and pain after sedentary, improve and prevent lumbar strain and lumbar disease.

4) Soothing sore body, promote blood circulation, and relieve muscle tension, pain, and powerlessness after strenuous exercise.

5) Face lifting, Body slimming and weight lose.





DDS nanomagnetic physiotherapy brush uses magnetic energy heating, dredging the whole body meridian, promoting lymphatic detoxification, promoting blood circulation, running qi, and blood. Use far infrared ray to activate human body cell energy to excite meridian, clear meridian, reach “pass through without pain”, invigorate qi to carry out blood, remove toxin, quickly clear all lymphatic vessels and meridians of the whole body. Physiotherapy brush can act on all parts of the human body, and can achieve good detoxification and soothing effect, can effectively improve a variety of pain: back pain, shoulder periarthritis, waist and leg weakness, etc.

️ Massage shaping;
️ Biological micro electricity to increase the production of ATP, protein synthesis, absorption, ion nutrient, elimination of waste products, and neutralizes the oscillating polarity of deficient cells.



Powerful targeted fat-blasting, fat removal, the use of concentrated sound waves hair frequency up to 80000HZ strong sound Waves, extreme vibration. Move adipose cell, hit adipose cell forcibly, make adipose cell membrane produces introverted blast, make glycerine triglyceride decomposes glycerine. And free acid, cause adipose cell burst, achieve the effect that reduces weight thereby beauty body.

️ Weight loss;
️ Body contouring;
️ Body slimming.


Vacuum handle

Through the combination of vacuum negative pressure and photoelectricity, smooth lymphatic duct, accelerate the metabolism of the body, blood circulation, accelerate the metabolism of toxins and the absorption of nutrients, relieve pain, health, and health care, thus play the purpose of acid removal and acid correction. High-frequency radiofrequency can deep directly reach the fat body, make adipocyte tissue is a fast and active state, produce heat energy friction heat of cell body, make local temperature rise, through sweat gland, with vacuum suction, strong massage through negative pressure. Direct blasting thick fat, the effect is obvious.

️ Scraping cupping;
️ Body shaping;
️ Scoreness relieving;
️ Body meridians dredging.



Vibration with a magnetic field produces a magnetic field, vibration, and heat at work by pressing the friction head. To dizziness, headache, fatigue, insomnia, lumbar and cervical pain, and other symptoms have obvious improvement and soothing effect. Its magnetic wave pulsation can be heated precisely under epidermis and dermis, even subcutaneous adipose tissue, resulting in immediate tissue contraction and long-term collagen regeneration, thus increasing skin elasticity and achieving beauty and health preservation. Men can clear the intestines and stomach, detoxify, reduce beer belly, effectively achieve abdominal health. Women can warm the palace, nourish the face, eliminate dysmenorrhea, bid farewell to the dark yellow skin.





️ Pain-Free and non-invasive
Ultrasonic cavitation device provides you the liberty to eliminate weight with no very long recovery period. It’s possible to get therapy and restart your everyday routine in moments!

️ Removes stubborn fat
Some fats are hard to remove, even with a healthful way of life. This normally happens for elderly fat deposits known as cellulite. The cavitation device uses ultrasound to permeate stubborn fatty layers and then liquefy them. It’s been scientifically demonstrated to decrease fat deposits, even more, the evidence is required for overall weight reduction

️ Lose weight effortlessly
Most weight loss excursions need a rigorous diet or normal exercise. For all those folks that are active, it’s not possible to have time with this. However, using an ultrasonic cavitation machine, you may get rid of weight without much work.

️ Used on Just about any part of the body
Fat tends to collect in certain areas of the body like the cheeks, arms, neck, thighs, and abdomen. The excellent thing about this gadget is that you could safely use it virtually everywhere.

️ It’s Affordable
It is a good choice for the spa salon or health facility. And the returns investment is quite good.

️ Whitens the skin
Some skin machines have been outfitted with the extra quality of whitening skin. It would be ideal for men and women that desire a lighter complexion.

️ Keeps you looking young
You do not need to be concerned about wrinkles and sagging skin. An ultrasonic cavitation apparatus can rejuvenate your youthful glow. Ultrasound works by toning and improving the elasticity of your skin. It reduces wrinkles and leaves the skin supple and smooth.

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