MARESE Electric Lumbar Traction Massager Heat Electrotherapy Vibration Massage Back Stretch Spinal Disc Herniation Pain Relieve

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MARESE MR-3100 is a lumbar traction massager with excellent features and materials. It has a leading intelligent dynamic stretching system that combines multi-frequency vibration massage and comfortable heating therapy.

It can help relieve tension in deep low back pain; Improve lower back flexibility; Correct postural imbalance and restore natural lumbar curvature; help reduce drug surgeries; Your home physiotherapist (saving you time and money).
Ideal for people suffering from degeneration of the lumbar spine, muscle strains or sprains, and lumbar hyperostosis and sciatica.

Wireless use: It is designed for charging and can be used wireless. It is not limited by the location of the socket and can be used on any flat surface. Equipped with 4800 mAh large-capacity lithium battery, one full charge can be used multiple times. The 15-minute timer feature allows you to fall asleep during use without worrying about excessive massage and traction.

Dynamic traction stretching: stretching the lumbar spine is the core function of the MR-3100 lumbar traction device, MR-3100 has 2 stretching modes: up and down dynamic stretching and left and right swing stretching; The waist stretches rhythmically, thereby stretching pressure on the lumbar spine and relieving pain and tension. The device offers 3 -levels adjustable stretch height settings, allowing the user to select the appropriate height according to the waist condition.

Additional Base Plate:The plate was designed to improve the user’s overall experience when operation the traction device on the soft surface,like soft bed ,couch or foam rubber cushion.

Note: If you experience pain or discomfort while using the traction function, stop traction stretch function and turn on only the heat and vibration modes until the back muscles are fully relaxed and adapted, and then try to turn on the traction stretch function.

Comfort Thermotherapy and Vibration Massage: The device offers 3 levels of adjustable temperature settings and 3 levels of adjustable vibration frequency settings. Comfortable heat and vibration frequency for quick relaxation of lower back and lower back muscles. More effective when used with the traction stretch function.
Note: The main function of this device is dynamic stretching, vibration massage is an auxiliary function.

Whole Body TNES Electrotherapy: External electrode slices can be used to massage the whole body on the back, legs, shoulders and other areas. Tips: After use, please attach a protective membrane to the electrode slice so that you can use it again and again next time.

Lumbar traction devices are recommended for:

1) office workers

2) drivers

3) housewives

4) weightlifters

5) patients undergoing chiropractic and sports rehabilitation. If you’re not sure if the device is right for you, talk to your physical therapist before purchasing.

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