LK-3 High Frequency Electrocautery Therapeutic Apparatus Cosmetic Electric Ion Surgery Electric Knife

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How Electrocautery Therapeutic Apparatus Works?


Electrocautery Therapeutic Apparatus converts electrical energy into high frequency electromagnetic waves through high frequency oscillation.


When a certain tip in the high-frequency oscillation circuit and the conductor close to a certain distance, an electric spark is produced. Electric spark’s size and temperature is related to the conductor. Human body is a kind of conductor. When the output tool bit of the surgical therapeutic instrument and human skin tissue close to a certain distance, electric sparks produced have burning effect with the temperature between 100°C and 3000°C. This kind of high temperature burning can vaporize skin vegetations, and make lesion disappear permanently, meanwhile, this kind of high temperature has cutting capacity, which can also make the small blood vessels close and stop the bleeding at the same time while cutting.



Function Realization of the Therapeutic Instrument


1. Cutting function. Under the condition of the contact or non-contact, split skin muscle by making use of high temperature, thus further cut tissue to achieve the goal of cutting.


2. Stopping bleeding function. The effect is better for blood vessels less than 1.5mm in diameter. It can make the small blood vessels close by using its burning and solidification effect, so as to achieve the aim of stopping bleeding.


3. Vaporization function. When the absorptive power density of the tissue is higher and its temperature is above 650°C,it can cause the high-frequency explosion in the surface of the tissue, then, many cavitation pores produced around surrounding tissues of craters due to the pressure od explosion, vaporizing tissues.


4. Solidification function. When high-frequency electromagnetic wave is close to human body, sparks and high temperature are produced which has the solidification effect on skin tissues. It can make tissues solidify at a lower temperature in a relatively short period of time.


5. It does not cause damage to the skin but can effectively carbonize pigmentum at low power output. F unctions of the therapeutic instrument in the above five aspects are one.


It can effectively cut, remove diseased tissues or change the shape of tissues in the treatment process.


Therapeutic Instrument Cosmetic dermatology de partment:


pigmented nevus, freckle, age spots, verruca vulgaris, pointed condyloma, granuloma, skin benign tumors, etc. General surgery department: circumcision, external piles,corns, etc. Gynecology department: cervicitis, cervical erosion, vaginal polyps, etc.


Ear-nose-throat de partment: chronic rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, inferior turbinatehypertroph, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyp, chronic tonsillitis and other benign tumors departments.


Product parameter


1. Ambient temperature 5-40 degrees Celsius


2. Relative humidity≤80%


3. Use power supply AC220v ± 22v. 50 H ± 1Hz, AC110v ± 22v. 60 H ± 1Hz

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.


4. Input power ≤100W


5. Output power ≤50W


6. Output frequency 200kHz ± 20kHz


7. Volume 360X300X 135 (m)


Weight 7.5kg

Electrocautery TherapeuticElectrocautery TherapeuticElectrocautery TherapeuticElectrocautery Therapeutic

Electrocautery Therapeutic Electrocautery Therapeutic
Electrocautery Therapeutic Electrocautery Therapeutic

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