Liuhe LK-EA cervical and lumbar multi-functional low-frequency acupuncture instrument Electroacupuncture massager

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The instrument converts conventional electricity into acceptable safe and effective pulses. After the electric pulse enters the human body, it produces a series of physiological effects, such as analgesia, swelling, desensitization, activation, etc. It effectively activates human tissue cells. Promote blood circulation and enhance metabolism.

The electric pulse output by the therapeutic device enters the body via a body surface acupuncture point and follows the meridians to flow, dredges the meridians and balances yin and yang, and only the acupuncture techniques mastered by professionals are instrumentalized. simple,The “acupuncture apparatus” is available to everyone.

When the instrument uses heat bags and electrodes, the temperature can be adjusted to maintain between 36-60. Warming can improve local blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Improve the ability of blood to dissolve oxygen, promote metabolism, have analgesia and good health care functions.

Using the frequency conversion technology to simulate the output current into pulse signals of various massage and massage techniques. The muscles used to exert tension, relaxation, looseness, tightness, movement, static, shock, and trembling, and other rhythmic change patterns can effectively dredge the meridians. , Relieve the lack of refreshment, relax nerves, to achieve medical purposes.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that foot massage feedback can lead to the body, adjust the body’s imbalance, enhance blood circulation, alleviate the acidity and numbness of the central nervous system and endocrine.

Select medicinal wines with Shujin active, qi and blood circulation effects, such as daggers and so on. Do not use oil drugs (because it can not conduct electricity). Under the combined effect of its electricity and heat, make the liquid “introduced” into the human diseased tissue to improve the efficacy.

1. The output pulse is programmed, and the six waveform states are automatically switched to avoid the inertial recession of a single pulse signal, thereby improving the curative effect; and it is also possible to lock a certain waveform arbitrarily, increasing flexibility and adaptability.
2. Assist hot compress, drug introduction, foot treatment, increase treatment.
3. Using a single-chip microprocessor control, stable performance.
4. The thermotherapy output has a short-circuit protection function, and the electrical output is open and short-circuited for 5 minutes without affecting the overall performance.
5. Set the third gear (15 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes) timing, with a three-color indicator (green, yellow, orange) are displayed separately, the end of the treatment automatically cut off the output.
6. Electrotherapy intensity output adopts stepless adjustment; when output, it is selected as yellow indicator flashing, which simulates six kinds of output waveform states.
7. The intensity of hyperthermia is adjusted by the key switch, which is divided into strong, weak, and zero gears. After the power is turned on, the strong ± gear rises between 30C-60C in 4 minutes. After the automatic switch to “weak” file hold, you can also manually adjust the change selection.
8. Design two sets of electrotherapy and one set of hyperthermia output, which can be used for simultaneous treatment by two people or simultaneous treatment of one or more parts.
9. Equipped with a thermoelectric combination electrode, double patch electrode, foot shoes and more sets of electrodes, the use of more extensive functions.

1, the output electrode on the cotton pad thickness of about 1cm, so as not to be too thin will burn the skin.
2. Do not use the treatment device in a quilt to ensure its safe use and service life.
3, the treatment should be used to treat the corresponding drug wine, liquid medicine.
4, the electrode placement site should avoid skin wounds to avoid current burns.
5, two electrodes around the feeling of strength is different from normal conditions, does not affect the efficacy.
6. The electrodes should be separated from each other by a certain distance so as to avoid the short circuit caused by the collision of the cotton pads on the two electrode plates. The biological current cannot flow through the human body and lose its efficacy.
7. When the two electrodes are in contact with the human body, adjust the output size mainly referring to the output strength knob scale.
8, pregnant, heart disease, skin allergy should be used under the guidance of a doctor.
9, with pacemakers, pregnant women abdomen should be disabled.
10, purulent inflammation, non-neurotic skin diseases, doctors are prohibited to do electrotherapy diseases such as fractures are not healing and other banned, individual observation of the use of electrical stimulation of allergic reactions.
11, severe hypertension, cirrhosis, under the supervision of a doctor, children under adult care use.
12. The electrodes of patients with heart disease and mastitis must not be placed symmetrically on the chest or in front of the back and forth, so as to prevent the power line from directly passing through the heart and disturbing the normal cardiac biocurrent.
13. The electrodes of patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases should not be shared with each other.
14. When treating eye diseases, the electrodes must not come in contact with the eyeball.

Working voltage: 220V
We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.

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