Large Far Infrared Heating Pad Natural Jade Tourmaline Mat Electric Hot Stone Heating Mattress Therapy Massage Cushion Jade Mat

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Jade Tourmaline Heating Mat
It is an advanced and effective product. The energy of natural jade can emit far infrared waves with a wavelength of 8-14 microns.

Relax Massage Function
Can promote blood circulation. Eliminate tension, relax your body and mind, and help promote sleep.

Far Infrared
When the jade is heated, it emits long-wave infrared rays that pass through the body 14-15 cm (5.5 to 6 inches). Rays benefit not only the surface muscles but also all the cells in our body, including blood vessels, nerves, etc.

Easy To Use & Portable
Release far infrared rays, shield static electricity and electromagnetic wave radiation, portable and durable, very suitable for landscaping and health care.


Product Name: Electric Jade Massage Mattress
Name: Infrared heating pad (jade heating long wave series)
Material: High-grade PU + jade / tourmaline
Size: 0.7×1.9M
Nominal voltage: AC220V; 110V
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Power: 80w
Massage area: Whole body
Internal temperature of mat: 30-70 degrees Celsius(With Long Wave)
External surface temperature: 30-50 degrees Celsius(With Long Wave)
Applicable people: Suitable for office, computer operation, doctor, factory manager, family, etc., so it can improve work efficiency and make office work easier.

Package Includes

1 x Tourmaline mattress
1 x temperature control power cord (with digital display temperature and long wave)

Medicinal properties

1. Improves blood circulation and cell metabolism.
2. Reduces pain and strengthens the immune system.
3. Helps relieve insomnia.
4. It Provides a sauna effect, burning up to 900 calories per hour.
5. Eases inflammation and stiffness.
6. Helps alleviate stress, improve mood, and provide a sense of well-being.
7. Helps cells process waste and remove toxins faster.
8. Helps rejuvenate and revitalize the body’s cells, tissues, and systems.
9. Counteracts the effects of static electricity and EMF radiation.
10. Provides relief from symptoms of acute or chronic illness.

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