Insomnia High Electric Potential Therapy Device eliminating fatigue High Potential Therapeutic Equipment Negative Ion Therapy

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The high potential therapeutic equipment is new model and multi function therapeutic equipment that has researched and developed by centralizing the company’s massive labors, materials and finances and by adopting the up-to-date electronic technology, electromagnetic theory and modern physical medicine for three years. It integrates high or negative potential, optical, leading prong and heating function and comprehensively adjusts and balances the human body cell,organization and organ system from innards to external body as well as helps person to eliminate the pain and disease and maintain the young vitality. Meanwhile,not only it enables to care health but also nourish body, which present the brand new conception ofhigh tech,physical property, green and health.

High potential Therapy

Scientific practice has proved that appropriate intensity of the electric field has a favourable impact on human body cells. Based on this biomedical theory, high potential thepeutic equipment place people in the high voltage low frequency alternative electric field, then the body cells, body fluid, nerves would discharge silently affected by the electric field; the combined effect of air ion flow and ozone put the body zwitterion and electric doublet in a right order according their nornal valu.

Negative Therapy

Function Mechanism of Negative Therapy:Several thousand high voltage negative electricity makes the output side discharge silently, which produce powerful negative ions.After negative ions enter the human body, they make excellent regulation and recovery of the nervous system of the whole body and gradually adjust the acidized morbid physique to a weak alkaline physique.Balance PH value, purify the blood, activate the cell, tone the automatic nerve, supply the static energy needed by the human body and feel the forest bathing.Make the body keep balance and show a vigorous status.


Medium frequency 76KHz alternative electric field;one optional gears for high potential.In addition,by using optical mode for about 30 minutes,it is equal to 3 hours outdoor aerobics.

Scope of Application

Hypertension,diabetes,coronary disease,insomnia,eliminating fatigue,promote blood circulation,etc


To use low gear for High/Negative potential at the beginning

Operation steps
1. Accessories required for selecting therapy: for example, high/negative potential treatment pad, director for heating/magnetic.The plugs of relative accessories should be inserted into corresponding output socket.
NOTICE: It is set that the high potential and negative potential open simultaneously.
2. Connect the general power supply: the power cable plug of mainframe should be inserted in the socket of power AC 220V. Open 0/1 power switch on right side to electrify the whole machine. Time display i inutes and the
degree is 6000V. If the high/negative potential indication lamp is lighten, which means that it is in stand-by status.
3. High/negative potential therapy(high and negative potential are the same switch, insert either of them for corresponding therapy: Under stand-by status, after connecting high/negative potential plug, first select high/negative potential degree, and then set time, press start/stopkey. If the indication lamp of corresponding gear is lighten and the machine is started in working status.
4. Auto cycle therapy: Under stand-by status, first select high potential degree, set auto cycle (time display shows Am eans a uto c ycle), t hen p ress start/stop key, then the high/negative potential start like high-low-high/low-high-low repeatly, outputing high potential.
5. Optical therapy: Under stand-by status, select suitable optical degree, set time and press start/stopkey; when optical indicator is lit, there is optical output.


(1) Mainframe 1 set
(2) Seat cushion 2 pieces
(3) Connection wire of seat cushion 1 piece
(4) Leading prong 1 piece
(5) Protective tube 2 pieces
(6) Instruction manual of leading prong 1 copy
(7) Warranty certificate 1 piece
(8) Product certificate 1 copy
(9) Instruction book 1 copy

There are contraindications, prohibit the use of this product.
1. Cardiopulmonary kidney function is severely weakened by.
2. Acute infectious disease in patients with malignant.
3. Patients with high fever.
4. Pregnant women.
5. All kinds of people with bleeding disorders during bleeding.
6. During recovery after heart surgery.
7. Severe organic heart disease.
8. breast augmentation.

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