Infrared Dark Night Vision IR Monocular Binoculars,Telescopes 5X Magnification for Night Hunting & Field Game

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The eXact is the frist to break the barrier od Gen1 night vision scopes. Designed for versatility and ruggedness,this unit is ideal for security surveillance,paintball,hunting,boating,hiking. The eXact can be mounted onto hunting rifles and paintball markers. The monocular body has an integrated weaver rail system that enables the user to attach a laser for aiming purposes or other accessories. The eXact features an automatic shut off system that turns off the unit when exposed to an intense light source. This protects the image intensifier tube from damage and is a unique feature in its class. The eXact has fully multi-coated optics,which decreases glare and increases light transmission


1. Versatile
2. lightweight
3. Wide field of view
4. 20%more energy efficient
5. Powerful built-in IR illuminator
6. Auto shut off from light exposure
7. Up to 200 yards long range viewing
8. One year warranty,lifetime maintenance
Please note : our model is 5X
This model is 5X


RG-88 Kit includes:
1. Night vision monocular
2. Protective carrying case
3. User manual
4. Warranty card
5. Lens cap
6. Lens cleaning cloth

Compact Night Vision Monocular RG-88 was created for hunting,paintball,strike ball enthusiasts and anybody,who wants to see during the night time an object at a distance of up to 220 meters.
RG-88 is equipped with a built-in powerful IR illuminator(7) that enables clear viewing in low ambient light conditions.
RG-88 has a high-aperture objective lens with a wide field of view and especially designed night vision lens. The lens focusing ring provides a fast,precise and efficient way to quickly focus on objects.
RG-88 a perfect fit to observe moving objects.
RG-88 is furnished with a built-in automatic shut off system to protect the image intensifier tube in the event of excessive light exposure. Wake 2 will turn off after 2 seconds,when exposed to intense light source.


Ensure that the battery is inserted with the polarity in the direction shown on the battery compartment. cap (6). To secure the battery compartment cap,turn it clockwise until tight.
High efficiency and energy saving design makes the time-tested without opening the infrared auxiliary lighting just two ordinary number five battery can work more than 70 hours.
NOTE: It is acceptable to use alkaline and rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries of the above indicated standard,however the running time from one battery might vary.



Always store the unit in its carrying case in a dry well ventilated space in temperature above +15°c (60°F). Do not store near heating devices. Do not store in direct sunlight or high humidity conditions (higher than 70%). Remove battery for prolonged storage.


After the unit usage in temperatures below zero, wait at least 3 hours at room temperature, to avoid condensation accumulating on the internal lens surfaces and the consequent fogging caused by extreme temperature differences.
Do not disassemble the unit and attempt to use it in that condition.
To clean, use clean soft cloth and dampened in alcohol,if necessary.
Never pour alcohol or any other liquids directly onto lens surfaces.
Never use paper or newspaper to clean the unit,.
Failture to follow the above precautions may cause the unit damage and will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


In two common battery number five.
Remove protective objective lens cover (2) from the objective (1).
NOTE:It is advised to turn the unit on only in low light conditions. If necessary to test the unit in bright light conditions,leave the protective objective lens cover on (2).
To turn the unit on,press the ON button (3). The green LED indicator (8) will turn on and there will be green light in the eyepiece (5).
To use the unit in the total darkness conditions,e.g. cellar,ravine,etc,turn on IR illuminator (7) by pressing button IR (4) is on,the red LED indicator (9) will turn on.
NOTE:The IR illuminator can be seen by other night vision devices and the operator wil no longer be invisible.
Direct the RG-88 at the observed object. To focus,rotate the objective lens (1) and eyepiece (5) until the image is sharp and clear. To focus at the object at a different distance,it is sufficient to only adjust the objective lens (1).
To turn the unit off, press the ON button (3) and replace protective objective lens cap cover (2).


If the RG-88 does not turn on….
1. Reinstall the battery with the correct polarity.
2. Replace battery.
3. Clean the battery compartment,focusing on the contact points.
The observed image flickers or flashes..
This means there is too much light (e.g. observation during twilight conditions). Turn off the unit or place the objective lens cover (2). The unit will function normally in light conditions not in excess of 0.1Lx (full moon).
The image is missing or not focused..
1. Re-focus the unit by adjusting objective lens (1). Adjust diopter setting by rotating eyepiece (5),if necessary.
2. Check the cleanliness of the objective (1) surface and eyepiece (5) and clean if necessary.
3. Replace batteries.
4. In extreme low light conditions, activate the built-in IR illuminator.
Image disappeared or its quality worsened..
1. Automatic shut off might occurred to protect the unit from excessive light. Attach the objective lens cover (2) and ensure that unit started to function normally. Turn the unit off and wait until the conditions darken to continue observation.
2. Bright light sources (e. g. street lights) may cause visibility to decrease or disappear. Turn the monocular away from the light source; visibility will restore itself in several minutes.

You see black dots on the screen..
These dots are minor cosmetic blemishes resulting from the image intensifier production processes and are not a sign of a defective or low quality unit. These dots do not interfere with the reliability and performance of the monocular.

In the RG-88,the quantity of dots and their size is normal as long as they do not exceed:
Zone 1 (center) – Up to 4 very small and 2 small spots are acceptable. No medium-sized spots are acceptable. See the picture.
Zone 2 – Up to 6 small spots and no more than 3 medium-sized spots are acceptable.
Zone 3 – Medium-sized spots are acceptable that do not affect the image quality.





(1) What is a Night Vision Devices (NVD)
Night Vision devices are electronically enhanced optical devices that enable us to see in near-total darkness.

(2) Why use a Night Visions Devices Instead of a Flashlight
Two reasons:
1) Night Visions Devices make possible a quality of seeing that is far superior to flashlights. They provide your eyes with a light amplification tool that gives you much more night vision sensitivity than many nocturnal animals.
2) See, without being seen. Think of the advantages of seeing without intruding when you are trying to find your way around an unlit campground. Property owners can observe nocturnal criminal activity. Hunters and nature lovers can observe animals without startling them. If you suspect a prowler is nearby, you can spot the âperpetratorâ without alarming him and safely call the police.

(3) What is the Minimal Amount of Light Required to Operate an NVD
The threshold of vision with an NVD can vary with different generations,with the quality of the devices, distance and the environment. A Generation-1 Night vision with 500x amplification will give a very useful image in the dimmest light of a scarcely visible new . From 100 feet, you can distinguish between kinds of animals, whether a human figure is familiar, male or female. While the screen images are not as sharp as a photograph, Night Visions Devices are astonishing in what they accomplish. System amplification of most second-generation Night Visions Devices is around 22,000 times!

(4) What can I see with an Night Visions Device
Even on a less night or in a dark interior, everything within range of the IR illuminator.


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