Indiba Activ Therapy 448K Rf CAP RES Body Fat Removal Slimming System Facial y Corporal Radiofrecuencia Tecar Therapy Machine

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SPAIN INDIBA.INDIBA deep beauty proionic body care system based on the medical studies described the Proionic System as the unique system that
stimulates intra and extra cellular ion exchange restoring physiological cell electrical activity, which enables the correct
functionality of the cells.

This system, based on the 448 kHz frequency which is the key of our active cell therapy, activates biostimulation, stimulates
microcirculation and promotes metabolic hyperactivation, while respecting cell physiology.

The 448 kHz frequency enhances ion mobilisation through the intra and extracellular matrix that restores the permeability of cell
membrane potential.

The cellular electrical balance optimises tissue recovery by supplying oxygen and nutrients, through the body’s natural blood
supply. The circulatory activation (microcirculation and vasodilation) stimulates proliferation and fibroblasts activity generated
by collagen. The result is tissue regeneration promoted by the 448 kHz frequency

INDIBA Treatments

INDIBA is a non-invasive regeneration treatment that ensures obvious results from the first session. It uses cutting-edge medical technology and has greater therapeutic efficiency than any other treatment in the market today. INDIBA uses high frequency currents to raise the internal temperature of human tissue and is particularly effective in treating the causes and effects of:

1.Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism and immunity
2.Regulate endocrine, improve sleep, relieve fatigue
3.Relieves and heals various parts of the body, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc.
4.Facial lift, improve skin tone and slow down facial aging
5.Improve body size, reduce visceral excess fat, slimming and shaping
6.Restore normal five senses by relaxing muscles and cells
7.Helps with early recovery of ligament sprains, muscle strains, muscle damage, and exercise pain
8.Solve the symptoms of body cold, low basal metabolism, cold hands and feet, etc.

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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