Hwato SDZ-II Nerve and Muscle Stimulator Electronic Acupuncture Instrument 3 Waveform 6 outputs

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SDZ-II Nerve and Muscle Stimulator is combined with modern microcomputer high-new technique, Traditional Chinese medicine Acupuncture and Jing-luo theory, and based on the trditional HWATO SDZ series of electronic acupuncture treatment instruments, put together electronic acupuncture treatment and replacing man-made massage.

1. Improve the sleep quality
2. Eliminating physical fatigue caused by long-time work
3. Cleaning meridian relaxing muscles and joints
4. Pain relief enhance human immunity
5. Stay away from the sub-health
6. Enhancing circulation system of body

Technical Data:
1. Output Pulse wave: unsymmetrical dual directional pulse wave including continuous, discontinuous and uneven waves.
2. Output pulse channels: 6 channels.
3. Output Pulse Frequency: Continuous Wave: 1-100Hz continuously adjustable.
Discontinuous Wave: continuous frequency 1-100Hz continuously adjustable.
Cutout wave duration:10 seconds, Continuous wave duration:30 seconds
Uneven Wave: Loose wave frequency is 1/5 of dense wave, Dense wave frequency:5-100Hz adjustable, loose wave duration is 10 seconds, dense wave dyration is 15 seconds
4. Output Pulse Breadth:0-50V adjustable(load 500ohm).
5. Output Pulse Width: 0.2ms.
6. Power adapter (input AC110V-220V earth 22V 50Hz earth 1Hz , output DC9V)
7. We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.
8. 360x255x95mm(new).

Packing list:
1 X SDZ-II Main machine
6 X Output wire
6 X Metal clip
6 X Pad
1 X Power adapter
1 X English Manual

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