Hot Cold ozone facial steamer ceramic vaporizer ion detox vaporizador facial Rejuvenation Electrical Ceramic herbal vaporizer

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Spray type: Hot, cool, warm, herbal, aroma, oil and ozone ion spray, multifunctions.


1. Multifunction: Cold spray, thermal spray, warm mist, aroma steam, ion steam, herbal fumigation .

2. 360 ° rotating spray pipes and heating pipes made of stainless steel.

3. The world’s first herbal hot and cold spray in one sprayer.

4. Unique combination of steam spray atomization technology to prevent water droplets sprayed skin burns .

5. Effective complement lock water to keep the water and oil balance, prevent shiny surface .

6. Tank filled with water, spray up to 30 minutes.



1. Hot fog softening keratin, remove dirt.

2. Cold mist to moisturize water, Harmonie desensitization .

3. Alternating hot and cold using, increase skin elasticity.

4. Herbal spray, treatment of skin problems.

5. Aromatherapy decompression relax, relieve nerve.

6. Ion bactericidal anti-inflammatory, Whitening& pale flecks.




Operation instructions:

Stept 1. Load the nozzle into the host, the nozzle and the face is maintained at about 25CM .

Stept 2. Open water shield .

Stept 3. With the rubber cup of pure water into the hot water tank or cold mist fog water tank,

water may not be exceed the maximum and minimum water level.

Stept 4. After cleaning the face, turn on the switch, began to accept face fumigation thermal spray

heated for 3 minutes fog spray, water 6 minutes or so, deep cleaning is not more than 15 minutes,

cold spray is generally 15-20 minute.


Operation method of hermal spraying or herbal aromatherapy function:

1. Please remove the spray lance from the nozzle.

2 .Then take off the herbal aromatherapy cup cover.

3 Flow clean the condensate water remain in the tube.

4. If using essential oil, you must use with water diluted compound essential oils, and herbal drops on cotton wool into the slots.


Cleaning Method:

1. Use 3-5 times per inner tank has scale, you can add a small amount of white vinegar for cleaning, after each use,clean drained the water inside the tank like the diagram showed .

2. Cold fog tank drainage methods: hold the machine side to the outlet side, unplug the drain plug .

3. Hot fog tank drainage methods: first, remove the nozzle, and then tilt the machine as shown in spout direction,so that the remaining water flow from the spray port until back clean.8

Cold spraying:

Hot spraying:

Warm frost spraying:


Packing list:

1. The host.

2. The color packing box.

3. A rubber cup.

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