Home Use Skin Rejuvenation Anti Aging Device Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Whitening Facial Beauty Machine Skin Care device

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Home Use Skin Rejuvenation Anti Aging Device Skin Tightening Wrinkle Removal Whitening Facial Beauty Machine Skin Care device

The working principle of the instrument
Electroporation: direct action on the skin, instantly enhances the permeability of the skin tissue. Under the action of an electric shock, an electric shock hole (hole caused by an electric shock) is formed on the inner layer of the cell membrane of the cell. At the same time as the electroporation is formed, hydrophilic molecules that could not be absorbed by the cells can penetrate and enter the interior of the cell. Once the shock hole is formed, the open state is maintained for several seconds to several minutes depending on the length of the shock.

Electroosmotic: It mainly acts on the molecules of the material to be dispersed, helping it to penetrate and enter the skin smoothly. The charges of the same nature are mutually exclusive, the charges of different nature attract each other, and the nutrients are pushed into the skin tissue to achieve super penetration. Super absorption effect.

Freckle whitening: Non-invasive open cell channels, absorb nutrients involved in cell metabolism, promote new life.
Magic wrinkle: The electrode nutrient activity reaches deeper into the skin and initiates cell renewal deep wrinkle removal.
Moisturizing and Replenishing: Electrolyte replenishment of water and active essence reaches deeper skin, providing cells with enough water to prevent a series of skin problems caused by lack of water.

For people

1. Facial skin reshaping improves

(1) Oily, coarse pores, thick keratin

(2). Dark complexion, tiredness, paleness, edema, hypoxic skin

(3).Matured, loose, water, wrinkles, dry

2. Eye care
(1). Eliminating dark circles, bags under the eyes, eye lines, relieving edema

(2). Eliminate edema and improve vascular and lymphatic circulation.


Voltage:220V or 110V;

Frequency:50 or 60Hz

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.


Package:38 x29 x21cm


Usage method

1, pass the power, open the instrument to open the beauty.
2. Put the product in the glass container (it is recommended to match the water soluble product), press the inner spring of the nourishment injecting pen, put the glass bottle with the product in the correct position and spring up.
3, the customer holds the energy conduction bar, according to the Intensity energy regulation key regulating energy size (from small to large to customer comfort degree of comfort) adjustment, according to the stop/ start key, the lower right corner of the time has a decimal point display, then the instrument enters the working state, using the method of lifting the circle, in the skin that needs nursing. Micro electro infiltration (Note: the key at the glass bottle mouth can control the volume of the product flow, and thumb can press hard).
4, after the operation is completed, press stop/ start key to suspend work, then the United States shut the total power supply, and return the instrument accessories clean well to the original position.
Cell activation pen
According to the item that the customer needs to care for, with the corresponding essence, nutrient, the electrophoretic injection with the nourishment injection pen, let the skin passive deep absorption, make the beauty effect one step in place. The specific method of operation is to move the skin back and forth smoothly on the surface of the skin that needs care.
Energy conduction rod
During operation, customers need to hold the energy conduction rod, allowing the energy to carry out an effective loop in the human magnetic field.


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Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 38 × 29 × 21 cm

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