Highly Effective Rechargeable Nail Fungus Laser Device Nail Infection Onychomycosis Cure Nail Fungal Infections

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Highly Effective Rechargeable Nail Fungus Laser Treatment Device Nail Infection Onychomycosis Cure Nail Fungal Infections


The product can be used all over the world. 
Voltage range:100V~240V 

HNC 905nm laser therapy device to treat nail fungal infections (Onychomycosis), which combines pulse laser radiation and blue light energy, resulting in a synergetic therapeutic effect.

Laser irradiation will penetrate the infected nail plate and will target causative pathogens residing on the nail bed. As a result, the infection will be greatly alleviated and gradually eliminated. 

Lasers produce coherent light energy of a sufficient strength and of a specific wavelength which when projected into tissue is differentially absorbed by the target material, producing heat and hence tissue destruction. Other tissue components are unaffected and so spared.

End nail fungus.
Non invasive treatment.
No side effects.
Easy to Use.
Compact and portable.

Operation Instructions:
1). Place the device on the infected nail and press the operating button.
2). Treatment light will begin to blink and the device will emit visible blue light.
3). The device will operate for 7 mins and shut off automatically.

Note: Device may not be used while charging battery. Please allow battery to be fully charged before use. 

Technical Information:
Laser Wavelength 905nm.
Blue light wavelength 470nm.
Laser intensity 25 W.
Max pulse intensity 22W.
Class II equipment Type B.
Laser Type 1M.
Voltage: 5V.
Rating: 5VDC Max: 0.5A.
Charging time: 2-3 hours.
Input: 100-240V/ 50/60Hz 0.2A.

1. What will i feel during treatment
People will usually feel nothing. In rare cases some may feel a slight warm effect. 

2. When will nail health improvement be evident? 
Treatment duration may vary between individuals, depending on variables such as age, severity of infections and so on.Estimated treatment duration is 3-6 months. 

3. Can the laser burn me
No, it’s Class 1M laser device, absolutely safe. 

Clinic test approved:
Laser treatment consisted of four sessions with one week interval, during which all infected nails were irradiated three times with laser light so that the nail plate was fully covered each time.
The procedure is simple and quick with no noticeable side effects and complications.
Laser therapy of onychomycosis is safe and very efficient method for treating all types of onychomycosis caused by various fungal species.6854444905nm-Home-Use-Toe-Nail-Fungus-Laser-Device-low-level-cold-Laser-Therapy-Device-LLLT-PhysiotherapyRechargeable-Nail-Fungus-Laser-Treatment-Device-Cure-Onychomycosis-Professional-Toe-Finger-Nail-Fungus-Treatment-Machine (1)NEW-Home-Use-Cure-Toe-Nail-Fungus-Blue-Light-and-Laser-Light-Therapy-Device-Onychomycosis-Anti (2)NEW-Home-Use-Cure-Toe-Nail-Fungus-Blue-Light-and-Laser-Light-Therapy-Device-Onychomycosis-Anti (1)NEW-Home-Use-Cure-Toe-Nail-Fungus-Blue-Light-and-Laser-Light-Therapy-Device-Onychomycosis-Anti (3)NEW-Home-Use-Cure-Toe-Nail-Fungus-Blue-Light-and-Laser-Light-Therapy-Device-Onychomycosis-Anti







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