High Definition Pixel Face Care System Intelligent Operation Automatic Diagnosis Facial Epidermis Dermis skin analyzer

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A good skin problem detection tool and a new feature add product recommendations best suited for use at your beauty center.

This new system is powered by our AI technology and BIG Data. It is used by cosmetic stores sales associates and estheticians to show customers a deep look into their skin and a real need for cosmetic skin care. Each device has an advanced camera and unique sensors that are utilized to easily capture photos of the customer’s skin. The photo is then analyzed and amazing results and scores are presented.

It shows the customer how much a cosmetic treatment is really needed. camera digital skin moisture grease stain allergy capillary tester analyzer

Multiple language options, Free upgrade forever

Skin Spanish 2.7.0

Skin English 2.7.0

Skin Korean 2.7.0

Skin Malay 2.7.0

Skin Czech 2.7.0

Skin Chinese 2.7.0


*Type:Skin Analyzer


*Imaging system: adopts Micron 1/3.25 inches CMOS sensor with pixels up to 5 million, high color reproduction and high sensitivity; images have high definition and are gorgeous with fine quality and strong layering;

*Processing system: with Sonix DSP processor, automatic white balance, saturation and contrast ratio, it makes more perfect images.

*Maximum resolution: can be 2560*1920 (equivalent to 5 million pixels) through software extension, the best imaging resolutions are 1024*768 and 800*600;

*Magnification factor: 50 times;

*Operating temperature: 10-40 ℃;

*Operating humidity: below 80%;

*Power supply: USB 5V;

*Interface: USB 2.0 interface, plug and play without drive.

*Runing system:XP/Win7/Win8/Win10

*Scan layer:skin epidermis, skin dermis, UV layer


Skin analyzer offer 8 report including:

* Skin oil, skin moisture, skin texture, wrinkle, collagen fiber, pigment, senstivity and pores

* 5.0 million pixel camera with thre goup of lights scan skin epidermis, skin dermis and UV layer.

* With perfect customers manage sysstem help for clients follow, could add cosmetics recommendation and print report out

* Two report before and after beuaty treatment could do comparision and get change report

Test items:

Skin moisture test (severe water shortage, lower moisture content, dermislack of water, epidermis lack of water, sufficient moisture )

Skin grease test (less secretion, normal secretion, secretion more, excessive secretion, grease pustule )

Skin texture test (clear and regular, slightly irregular, slightly coarse, moderate irregular, severe irregular )

Skin color test (gloomy skin color, dark red skin color, slightly dark, skin rosy, pale skin color )

Skin wrinkle test(no wrinkles, wrinkle appear, small wrinkles, irregular wrinkles, deep wrinkles )

Skin pigmentation test (the pigment calm, slight spotted, epidermis spotted, dermis spotted, severe spotted )

Skin inflammation test (normal skin, sensitive skin, more red blood silk, severe red blood silk, red blood silk spotted )

Skin pore test (normal pores, slightly oxidized, blocking pores, blackheads, badly clogged )

Package Contents

1 * Skin Tester

1 * Manual

1 * USB Cable

With a 5.0 million pixel camera with three groups of lights, it scans the epidermis of the skin, the dermis of the skin and the UV layer.

Could add your cosmetics recommendation

Severity of the skin problem in order to recommend the your appropriate products and a suitable course of treatment

Two report before and after beuaty treatment could do comparision

Spanish Version 2.7.0

Malay Version 2.7.0

Korean Version 2.7.0

French Version 2.7.0

Czech Version 2.7.0


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