HaiHua CD-9 Electrotherapy Machine Electrical Acupuncture Therapeutic Apparatus

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Haihua CD-9 Function & Effect

CD-9 type Haihua Therapy Apparatus is a CD Series renewed product.It is a new kind of physia tric apparatus with its synthetic function of magnetic electricity in Combination of the science of internal organs and jingluo in the traditional Chinese medicine and the modern electronics. It accumulates the advantages of the physiotherapy instrument nationally and abroad. Taking the magnetic and electrical treatment, acupuncture, cupping and massage etc, The patients will get a synthetic therapy integration while electrodes touch their acupuncture points. “Quick Effectt” is its outstanding characteristic,that is, quick treatment (one treatment takes only dozens of seconds up to a few minutes).

After the apparatus being used on thousands of patients in hospital at home and abroad treating application to over a hundred diseases shows:
general chronic diseases will get an obvious effect after one or two treatment courses, even some diseases may have been cured by one to two treatments.It is good for the symptoms of : cold, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, tracheitis, nephritis, enteritis, gastritis, arthritis, cervical verte-bra syndrome, humeral periarthritis, prolapse of lumb-ar inte rvertebral discs, appendicitis, stiffiness, prostatitis, urt-icaria, Indigestion,enuresis, irregular menses,dy smenorrhoea, pel vic infection, insomnia, facial paralysis,hemiparalysis, heada che, near-sightedness, rhinitis, toothache, neuralgia. etc.

The product is portable, easy to operate, electricity-saving without limitation of surrounding conditions. It is applicable to all the diseases suitable for the acupuncture of the traditional Chinese medicine. Without skin harming, nor cross infection is the obvious advantage. It is a rare family treatment necessity and the best family health protection apparatus.

Haihua CD-9 Specifications:

Power:100v/110v/220v/240v 50-60Hz
Load resistance:500Ω
Power Consumption:9-15va
Output waveform:Audio Pulse
Output Frequency:400hz – 2000hz
Magnetic induction:> 0.1t, max 0.3t
Output Voltage:0 ~ 75vp-p, max 100vp-p
Use of the environment: Temperature 5 ~ 40; humidity 80%
Transportation Environment: Temperature -40 ~ 55; humidity 90%
contact terminals:large: diameter 8.5cm
medium: diameter 4.0cm
small: diameter 2.8cm

Packing list
1 X Haihua CD-9 Main machine
2 X Large treatment head
2 X Medium treatment head
2 X Small treatment head
1 X Water bottle
2 X User Manual English
1 X Treatment Guide English
2 X Elastic band
1 X Power Adapter
Send the correct power plug according to your country.

Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9 Haihua cd-9

Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9Haihua cd-9

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