GDX-8000 Gold Underground Metal detector Gold Finder Special Archaeological Instruments

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Gold Detector GDX8000 Underground Gold metal Detector

Main features

  • High-brightness LCD panel can generally displays the detected metal type according to the signal strength.
  • The all-metal detection mode is suitable for searching metal objects on the ground, and can be used as simple recognition of metals.
  • In addition to LCD panel display, it can distinguish metal types by tones.
  • 11-inch white disk .
  • Equipped with an external headphone jack ,connected to a single-channel headphones (headset-owned), easy to use.
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, a low-voltage t function, with charger, Worked continuously for more than ten hours whenfull of power.

Features Overview

Detection mode
Are full metal detection (GND Balance) and metal identification (Discrimination)modes, all-metal detection mode for all metal detectors are equal responsiveness, identify patterns in the metal, the only non-ferrous metals (such as gold, silver) reaction is very sensitive, you can rule out the iron.

Receive Gain
Receive gain function setting the overall level of detector sensitivity.Soil conditions in the temperate regions, you can increase the sensitivity in areas with poor soil conditions can reduce the sensitivity.

Balance mode
There are two operating modes: the external balance and internal balance, the original time you use the detector more moderate in the environment, you can use built-in balance mode. In most cases companies are recommended to use an external manual adjustment to balance mode, reducing environmental disturbance.

Parameter mode
System menu has a series of search modes to choose from.Including the stable, standards-based, sensitive type, user-defined type.The first three models to facilitate first-time users of metal detectors custom-based detection can meet the senior user’s preferences. Ensure that every user can detect a hobby easy access to company’s metal detectors.

Gdx-8000 is a gold detector to detect gold, sand gold, grain gold, gold dog head mainly.

Product Description:
1. The GDX-8000 is a great gold detector with super features that enable users to use it more powerfully and flexibly than ever before.
New SETA technology is included to make it quieter and more resistant to interference, so it is more comfortable to use.

2. Even if you’ve never used the detector before, the GDX 8000’s auto-balancing feature and pre-set search mode make it easy to navigate.
Super mute device, super target signal, better discrimination and versatility make the GDX-8000 the best gold detector.

3. New frequency ranges Settings for my GDX-8000.
The DX-8000 has a range of adjustable detection frequencies far beyond its peers.
Detectors that can provide optimal performance under a variety of conditions can be surprisingly effective.

4. The GDX-8000 introduces two new modes of regulation to improve agility, in addition to the four commonly used modes of detection.
The new enhanced regulation mode is a powerful feature, similar to induction regulation, that perfectly improves depth and signal response under small and large targets.

5. Perfect automatic balance function regulation is more suitable for the original land and provides the most effective detection under all soil/regulation.
Audio can also be added to aid in the determination of very weak signals.
The loudspeaker design and use of high quality low noise components ensures that the signal response is clear and clear, without additional buzz interference.

6. Pre-programmed search mode without confusion detection.

7. The GDX-8000 offers a series of pre-programmed search patterns that you can start exploring right away!
In addition to the two most common custom search patterns, general and deep, let you access the other four search patterns, with specific choices corresponding to specific technologies.
They are high quality ore, garbage ore, bulk ore and test mode.
All six search modes can be modified according to your favorite Settings, and custom mode lets you choose your own mode.

8. New function GB OFF neutral soil.

9. In addition to normal and ground balance, you have a third option.
In GB OFF mode, the ground balancing circuit gives additional deep detection.
This is a very useful function for benign, low-ore, or salt-saturated soils.
This function can also be used in clay or sandy soil to detect treasure.

10. Backlight — You can easily view the LCD menu, day or night, and the backlight can be adjusted without worrying about battery life.

11. The new stabilizer is a good tuner.
Make the operator can control stability completely.
This is parallel to the audio processing circuit, so it is synchronized with the four types of audio.
In quiet conditions, improved stability makes weak signals more apparent.
Pressing it will give you a smoother start and improve your ability to detect weak signals.

12, audio control area – in addition to the volume control, but also intelligent detection, effectively prevent the signal sound too loud, the new volume control, so that you can increase the weak target signal strength.
This is useful in inclement weather environments to avoid hearing loss and to adjust the audio volume when using external speakers.
The volume control area can also be used to promote audio on ordinary soils and to reduce or straighten noise signals on soils with complex terrains.
This is a powerful feature and will work with stabilizers to improve your recognition of weak signals.
Built-in amplifier, you can hear weak target signal more easily.
The newly designed lithium-ion battery now has a built-in audio amplifier, allowing you to use external speakers without the need for any external equipment.
It USES a smart circuit that automatically senses the correct wired speaker and is adapted to increase audio gain.
The amplifiers designed and the use of high quality low noise components ensure that the signal response is clear and clear, effectively shielding the background noise.

14. SETA technology enables more accurate adjustment.
The GDX-8000 now offers a total of six default mode options to accommodate different detection conditions.
The previous series of detector operations use a universal tuning that applies to all presets.
The GDX-8000 has so many options that it no longer relies on a single adjustment, hence the birth of the intelligent electronic timing alignment SETA.

15. SETA automatically allocates each time zone accurately.
This means that in each time zone, the noise caused by electromagnetic interference will be reduced to a minimum, remain more stable, and the signal from the highly magnetic rock will be greatly reduced.
That’s the beauty of the GDX-8000, which allows it to operate more effectively under different conditions.

16. The advantage of SETA technology is that your Settings can be saved independently from any location, so that when you test a signal from an uncertain target, you don’t have to reba.

Packing List:
1 X Metal Detector
1 X Coil
1 X headphone
1 X Charger
1 X User Manual

Depth: 1~7m.
Signal Frequency: 9.6KHz.
Audio Frequency : 400Hz.
Power Supply: DC12V.
Power Consumption: 0.8W.
Connecting Rod Length: 1.3m.
Coil dimension: 40cm.
Net Weight: 8Kg.
Gross Weight: 10.5kg.
Package Size: 65x42x19cm.




GDX-8000 Rohs

GDX-8000 FC

GDX-8000 CE

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Dimensions 8 cm

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