Face steaming device Facial steamer Machine Facial Hot Sprayer device

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Product size:
Product size: 143 * 105 * 225 mm
Rated voltage: 220 v, 50 hz
Rated power: 280 w
Steam temperature: 20 cm from the mist mouth place about 40 degrees
Net weight: 1048.2 g
Packing: each host a color box an environmental lined with a set of instructions
100% Brand new
Thermal spray: thermal spray
output voltage :220V
Steam Temperature: 40C
Function: skin whitening ,moisturizing ,Dredge pores , Antiseptic
1.Desktop Facial Steamer Ozone
2.For the Salon, SPA or Home
3.Producing warm steam to moisturize the facial skin
4.Professional Facial Hot Steamer OZONE
It can cleanse deep layers of skin, discharge toxins as well as replenish moisture. Nano-ionic steams lets you easily perform skin care at home.
It is more easy for deeply cleansing skin and discharging toxins under effect of heated steam, to make skin more transparent, fair and clean.
Simply and conveniently used with one-key operation, you can perform comfortable care of an esthetic salon in your own home.
Minute, nano-ionic steam penetrates deeply into skin to quickly moisturize skin and supplement skin moisture.
How to use:
After adding enough water , turn on the switch for 20-40 seconds with fine nano ion spraying jet, it is very convenient to use.
This product is suitable for the pure water distilled water, cannot use mineral water or tap water, cannot add other material.
After fully discharge makeup,Cleaning with cleanser
After steam Mask or other skincare products to care if not , it’s easy to drain water pore
Filled with water tanks, spray time lasts 8 to 10 minutes
Suggest only use one to three times a week, 10 minutes at a time is the best
Before shipment ,This product will be tested through spray QC in the factory, so products box may have small amounts of residual water distilled water beads

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