EH-900U 5.0 MP HD usb 3D Skin Analysis Skin scope Diagnosis Analyzer Facial Skin Moisture Oil Acne Tester Meter Monitor

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Uers manual:

EH900U features:
Surface analysis, in-depth analysis. High definition, good color reproduction, high color purity, no color cast with independent lighting equipment, do not rely on the use of external light, an objective analysis of the state of the skin. Accurately determine the distribution and pigmentation spots under the skin condition, precise positioning of skin allergies, redness.


Use necessity skin tester:
1 scientific, objective and comprehensive analysis of the customer’s skin condition;
2 detects the naked eye can not see the problem;. Precise positioning, quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify potential skin problems. Given reasonable care programs and professional advice;
3 convincing customers to increase confidence and sales;
4 software expertise to solve the problem of cosmetology instructor training, etc.;
5 members have a special management area, improve management and efficiency;


Hardware parameters:
Imaging Systems: South Korea imported CMOS chip;
Hardware: 500 million pixels;
Maximum resolution: 2560 * 1920;
Magnification: 50 times;
Operating temperature :10-40 degrees Celsius;
Humidity: 80% or less;
Power supply: USB 5V;
Exterior Material: Body: ABS; dust cover and base: high permeability Acrylic


Software parameters:
Automatic analysis items: water, Pigment, Sensitive, 3D, complexion,Inflammation
Observation items: allergies, dark spots, redness, etc.;
Professional membership management module
Prompted instructions and comprehensive proposal;
A professional image contrast module;
Report is automatically saved and can be printed report




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