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Cold light teeth whitening system using the wavelength of 400 ~ 500 nm blue (the temperature change is not obvious, therefore is called cold light) catalyzes the peroxide whitening agent that applied the teeth surface concentration of 20% ~ 38%, by hydrogen peroxide oxidation reduction to produce free radicals, change of the pigment carbon ring structure, make the color change and teeth white.

This device is based on the condition of strong blue LED light and whitening kit accelerant, through the oxidation reduction of hydrogen peroxide produces free radicals, changes the carbon ring structure of pigments, and whitens the teeth.
6 powerful LED tubes emit a high intensive cold blue light with an output at 6000MW/CM2.
Special design, innocuous silicone muzzle, make sure no intersectional infection.
Adjustable working time from 1-20 minutes allow you to choose the time according to your actual need.
Time display screen shows the whitening time clearing to both dentist and patient.
Flexible neck tube to suit different angle operation.
Equipped with low noise fan provides best heat diffusion effect.
Use together with teeth whitening kit accelerant.
It is a safe and reliable way of whitening teeth, no obvious dentine structure change, gradual teeth whitening process.

Material: Plastic
Input power: 100-240v, 50/60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.
Power: 300W
Light resource: 6 pcs high power LED
Wave length: 420-490nm
Light intensity: 2 intensities maximum>6000 mw/cm2
Light Size: 18 * 74mm2
Adjustable timer: 1-20MIN
Coupling: Polyester Monowave
Working Mode: Time Output & Continuous Working
Optional Plugs: EU Plug, US Plug
Machine Size(Neck Tube Excluded): approx. 18 * 11cm / 7.1 * 4.3inch
Neck Tube Length(Extended): approx. 79cm / 31inch
Package Weight: approx. 1950g
Item Type: Teeth Whitening Light
Function: Teeth Whitening

Scope of applications:
1.Exogenous pigmentation (tobacco, coffee, cola, etc.)
2.Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracycline teeth, etc.)
3.Spain – fluorine
4.Congenital uneven color.
5.Apply to the black and yellow change of tooth surface caused by unknown inducement.

Package Included:
1 * Main unit
1 * Adaptor
2 * Protective silicone
1 * English Manual

2pcs Goggles (as gift) 

1.Dentist and patient should wear goggle during operation of the device.
2.Always keep treatment room ventilated during operation.

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