Brand 80g Soft Laser Carbon Cream gel for nd yag laser skin rejuvenation Active Laser whitening active nano carbon

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This product is the use of nano-activated carbon adsorption characteristics and ultrafine characteristic tight, effective and tightly sucked deep pores annoying dirt grease and dirt, and in softening the laser irradiation, super fully absorb the laser energy, causing the toner blasting, effectively shattering deep dirt, produce heat energy sufficient to stimulate contraction of the dermal layer of collagen and collagen fibers newborn, so as to achieve whitening, Fade, shrink pores, blackheads effect.
It contains Vitamin B3 and B5 can effectively protect the skin, mild skin care. After use can be easily carried out deep cleaning, so you open Seton hair, purify pores the oil problem, improve acne problems and promote skin metabolism, make skin more soft and smooth, bright and refreshing.


Product advantages: 
1, Using high-tech nano-carbon plants, more secure;
2, The effect is significant, blasting energy is strong enough, the first treatment to show good results;
3, Blasting is very clean, the whole place burst of laser irradiation;
4, No smell, no alcohol stimulation, suitable for all types of skin;
5, Sufficient toner density to ensure the therapeutic effect;
6, 80g can be used for 20 people;
7, price concessions, project operations easier.





Product Features: 
1, skin compact, shrink pores: super tiny nano liquid toner applied to the face and let it penetrate pores after using light energy to promote collagen regeneration, skin firmness and to simultaneously achieve narrow pores. 
2, skin whitening, improve the dull: a wavelength of 1064nm wavelength specific role in the epidermis and dermis deep melanin, the skin melanin surplus directly to the skin deep melanin crushed, and finally engulfed by phagocytes or direct with the sweat excreted, in order to achieve skin whitening, improve the dull purposes. 
3, bright gloss, uniform color: uneven skin pigmentation on the face by environmental factors make itself uneven skin tone, giving the look of dirty feeling, carbon ions can quickly burst balance pigment distribution, achieve brighten your skin degree. 
5, smooth beautiful skin, remove shallow scars: skin once changdou leave pockmarks, leaving shallow traumatic scar will directly affect the face appearance, carbon ions explosion repair damaged skin, skin collagen to achieve restructuring, heal marks, skin smooth and delicate. 
6, crystal supple synchronization rejuvenation: specific energy bands, gentle deep dermal layer of skin collagen from deep skin tissue radical improvement in skin texture, crystal clear skin from the inside out, the effect is equivalent to the first year of the beauty of life. 
7, facial vascular disease prevention: 1064nm (300us) patented technology 300us pulse 1064nm laser penetration stronger, less pain, which destroys blood vessels in the hemoglobin, closed small blood vessels, thereby treating vascular lesions. Meanwhile, the damaged blood vessels release growth factors to stimulate collagen regeneration of dermal remodeling, make the skin supple and shiny.



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