AOKO 5 in 1 EMS Electroporation Anti-aging RF Beauty Machine LED Beauty Device Face Lift Skin Cooling Tighten Eye Skin Care Tool

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5 in 1 EMS Electroporation Anti-aging Beauty Machine LED Photon Therapy Beauty Device Face Lift Skin Cooling Tighten Eye Skin Care Tools

Functions :

1. Reform and improve facial skin

⑴oily skin, coarse pore, thick cutin, clean skin and remove excess thick cutin, purify pore, resolve grease, unblock and tighten pore, smooth skin.

⑵Dark complexion, tired, pale, dropsy. Oxygenate skin and accelerate oxygen absorption, improve dark skin.

⑶Maturity type, loose, lacking of moisture, wrinkles, dry. Lift and firm skin, tighten loose skin, deeply supplement moisture. Regenerate skin, reform regeneration cells, recover young skin state.

2. Eye cure

⑴Remove black eye, pouch, eye wrinkle, relieve edema.

⑵Fade away edema, improve blood vessel and lymph circulation.

Non-needle Mesotherapy facial machine

Non-needle entirely replace traditional injection beauty shaping( have needle and micro needle). It’s efficient, noninvasive, safe mesoderm beauty treatment. It adapts “point to surface” ultra micro permeation technology. It sends high energy original liquid of multipoint, average, full-scale, deep, directly send to the skin tissue which needed. Let the high energy original liquid with various nutrient and active ingredients, quickly absorb by skin tissue, promote skin metabolism, keep skin elasticity and charming.

Three core technology

1. Electroporation technology:

directly act on skin, instantaneously enhance skin tissue’s permeability. Under the action of electric shock, cell lipid double layer forms electroporation.( It forms hole because of electric shock).

2. Electroosmosis technology:

mainly act on material molecule which are going to disperse, help to penetrate and enter into skin inside successfully. Same nature charge repulse each other. Therefore, exerting positive current to anodic nutrient molecule, it can push nutrient molecule into skin tissue.

3. Icebound stimulation technology:

with the help of external temperature’s hot and cold alternation, make the cosmetics essence and treatment work farthest. It makes the nutrient ingredients quickly penetrate to skin and corium skin, resolve and control melanin, meanwhile, provide plenty of moisture and nutrient ingredient , improve collagen fiber elasticity. By using hot and cold alteration temperature difference’s physics effect, it achieve ice cure and moisturize, deeply lock moisture, resist allergy, enhance immunity, catalyze, highly absorb, control oil, firm skin.

Operation steps:

1. Power connecting: connect the power wire and supply hub of instrument back, open red power switch, show all the numerical code window on panel, then machine enter into working state.

2. Accessories connecting: four ports on panel, respectively are electrophoresis head port, icebound port, port A(exchange port of wall head and eye beauty pen), port B(energy induction hammer port)

3. The above is standby state, press start/ pause key, radix point flash in time showing window. Then it works, default time is 30 minutes( time can adjust freely)

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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