Advanced Midwifery Training Model Anatomy Childbirth Simulator Manikin for Teaching Learning Display Tool

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Product Name: Advanced Dystocia Training Model

Material: PVC
Color: Flesh-toned

Product Description:

Introducing our Advanced Dystocia Training Model, a cutting-edge educational tool designed for medical professionals and obstetric training. Crafted from high-quality PVC material with a lifelike flesh-toned appearance, this model provides an unparalleled learning experience, making it ideal for doctors, nurses, midwives, and obstetric educators.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Training: Our advanced dystocia training model can demonstrate a wide range of standard birthing procedures, from normal deliveries to challenging dystocia scenarios. It offers a complete package for comprehensive obstetric education.

  2. True-to-Size Pelvic Cavity: The model replicates a real-sized pelvic cavity, featuring major anatomical landmarks and hand-drawn skeletal pelvic outlines. This aids students in better understanding and familiarizing themselves with the structures of the birth canal.

  3. Realistic Fetal Model: The model includes a standard fetal model with soft, muscle-like flexibility and distinguishable fontanelles, enabling lifelike simulations of labor and practice of fetal head engagement techniques.

  4. Versatile Fetal Positioning: The flexible joints of the fetal model allow for demonstrations of various normal and abnormal fetal presentations by changing the fetal position. This helps students become proficient in handling diverse delivery scenarios.

  5. Inflatable Pelvis: The model is inflatable, allowing for pelvic narrowing as needed to simulate challenging dystocia situations, providing a more authentic training experience.


  • Medical Education: Ideal for use in medical schools, nursing programs, and obstetric training to help students master obstetric skills and enhance clinical proficiency.

  • Professional Training: Employed as a professional training tool in hospitals and clinics to train healthcare personnel to respond effectively to various birthing situations, improving emergency response capabilities.

  • Obstetric Research: Utilized for research purposes in obstetrics to study dystocia scenarios, improve delivery techniques, and enhance the safety of both newborns and mothers.

  • Prenatal Education: Used as a prenatal education tool to educate expectant parents about the birthing process, reducing anxiety and promoting a positive childbirth experience.

Whether you are seeking advanced medical training or preparing for the arrival of new life, our Advanced Dystocia Training Model is the perfect choice. It provides realistic simulations, making it an excellent educational aid to help you acquire essential birthing skills. Purchase now to elevate your professional competence and ensure the safety and smoothness of the birthing process.


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