6 In 1 120K Cavitation Vacuum 5D Ultrasonic Body Slimming MachineFat Burning Cellulite Removal Massage Blast Beauty Device

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Product Introduction:
The 5D Sculpting Weight Loss Device targets subcutaneous adipose tissue cells, disrupting and eliminating them while promoting collagen contraction and proliferation in the subcutaneous tissue layer, resulting in tightened skin at the treated area.

Utilizes vacuum negative pressure to activate cells, facilitating lymphatic drainage, dissolving excess oil and waste from the body, and toning muscles.

a. Clears channels and collaterals, boosts energy and blood circulation, aiding weight loss and fat reduction.
b. Supports lymphatic detoxification, tightens skin, enhances elasticity, and boosts body immunity.
c. Alleviates pressure, performs scraping and detoxification, improves cellulite, and shapes the body.
d. Anti-aging and postpartum care.
e. Offers vibration massage, scraping, cupping, fatigue relief, promotes meridian dredging, facial lifting, ovarian maintenance, shaping, and more.

1. Soothes the entire body’s meridians, alleviating fatigue and improving physical fitness, suitable for scraping and improving sub-health in any body part.
2. Improves cervical spondylosis, preventing and alleviating symptoms like dizziness, headaches, shoulder and neck pain, numbness, swelling, and fatigue.
3. Addresses lumbar diseases, improving stiffness, pain, and preventing strains after sedentary activities.
4. Relieves body soreness, enhances blood circulation, and alleviates muscle tension, pain, and fatigue post-exercise.
5. Facilitates face lifting, body slimming, and weight loss.

1. Ensure the machine remains level during movement to avoid vibration and collision.
2. When cleaning the equipment, power off and unplug.
3. Not suitable for individuals with a heart pacemaker, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, or pregnant women.
4. Remove metal objects before operation.
5. Avoid use on injured skin.
6. Adjust intensity based on individual tolerance.
7. Caution for those with sensitive skin; adjust or reduce usage accordingly.
8. Do not directly apply to the face without a medium.
9. We will provide the corresponding power plug and voltage based on your country.

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