40k Cavitation Ultrasonic Body Slimming Machine Remove Fat RF Beauty Device Skin Tighten Face Lifting Weight Loss Device

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1. 40KHZ Cavitation Ultrasound cavitation strong vibration produced by the low frequency ultrasound, which effectively dissolves, stubborn cellulite. Besides, due to strong vibration, thermal effect of low ultrasound frequency will be absorbed by subcutaneous tissues and converted into heat. The heat will increase cellulite temperature and gradually dissolved deep fat into liquid state, and finally except from the body via lymphatic metabolism.

2. RF RF technology can heat the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer, at the same time, contract collagen fibers and stimulate collagen regeneration, so it can achieve better effects of skin tightening, wrinkle removal, fat reduction and body contouring. And also this machine has 5 MHz RF for face and bipolar 5 MHz RF for eyes.

1. Fat Dissolving and Lymphatic Drainage.
2. Tighten skin and Enhance skin elasticity.
3. Rejuvenate skin,remove stretch marks.
4. Improve metabolism and blood circulation.
5. Remove pouch,wrinkle and dark circle around eyes.

1. It can moisturize skin deeply and enhance skin water content;
2. It promotes cell regeneration, increases cellular oxygen and activates the skin to reach the anti-aging effect;
3. It promotes the regeneration of collagen and elastin, fade fine lines to restore flexibility, soothe sensitivity, reduce swelling and micro vascular surface phenomenon;
4. It helps to the physical and mental health , replenish their energy, improve micro circulation and respiratory system and enhance the body of oxygen content as well as improve metabolism.

1. Be sure to use the special ultrasonic gel.
2. Avoid knocking the head.
3. Check the machine power cord if it is connected well.
4. If the machine will not use for a long time, please switch off it, and power off.
5. Please take off all metal decoration from the operator and patient’s body.
6. If continuous using 1 hour, please pause the machine about 10 minutes, then using again.
7. During the operation, be sure not to accept other treatment.

Item Type:Cavitation Ultrasonic Machine
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Working Temperature:10℃-40℃
Weight:2.14KG Size:29*32*8cm/11.42*12.6*3.15in

Product Include
1*Main Machine.
2*Radio Frequency Head (Body/Face).
1*40K Explosion Fat Head.
1*Power Cord.

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Weight 6.5 kg
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