2023 Newest H2O2 Skin Beauty Face Care Aqua Peeling Hydro Dermabrasion Scrubber Hydrofacial Machine

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Working Principle
Hydroxyl-hydroxide refers to theconversion of purified water into hydroxide-ion water, which produces H2 fine molecules on the surfaceofthe skin and rapidly penetratesthe water moleculesinto the skin,To achieve the efficacy of tender and white.

Through the formation of a vacuum circuit, the tiny bubbles and nutrient solution are fully combined, through a special design of spiral suction directly acting on the skin surface,the instrument produces thousands of bubbles, small bubbles with the skin contact vibration, the skin takes away the excess cuticle, so that the skin to return to normal angle Layer thickness, with the original solution, to improve the skin, clean and whitening, tonic,exfoliate, remove blackheads oily skin and other multi-layer effects.

Hot and cold + RF
1)The semiconductor refrigeration chip is used for rapid cooling and heating, with the cooling temperature of 0-6 degrees. In clinical trials, the heating temperature of 45-46 degrees is the most comfortable. 2)Good refrigeration effect, can improve redness and swelling, and protect damaged skin.
3)With the heating function, it can well open the pores of the skin, promote blood circulation, massage the skin, and relax the facial muscles. 4)For easy operation, the appearance mold is improved to reduce the situation that customers are hit on the face by the connecting line when operating customers.

Skin scrubber vibration cleaning
The seismic frequency of dual wave plate can reach 27kHz, which is stronger than the previous power. It has a significant effect on cuticle dead skin and is more stable than the single wave plate output on the market.

Bipolar EMS
1)Variable frequency bioelectricity is adopted, and the frequency is between 50Hz and 2000Hz.
2)The new double loop design has changed the way of positive and negative pole conduction (middle positive pole, outer negative pole). The use of negative pole is unnecessary, allowing customers to relax and enjoy the process of beauty.
3)Better comfort, enhanced neural signal perception, passive movement for skin and muscle, improved muscle stiffness, fascia adhesion, and achieved the effect of lifting and tightening.

Bipolar HR
1)1-2Mhz, not only the ordinary heating function, but also the real subcutaneous temperature wave heat transfer, energy penetration layer by layer, not easy to burn.
2)Anti aging lifting for the eye nose, relieve eye fatigue, improve eye edema, fade fine lines, and restore the eye look.

1.1 MHz, shake 1 million to 3 million times per second to make the absorption rate of the product reach more than 90%. Add anti scratch protective film to the handle head, and remember to remove the protective film before operation.

High polymer water oxgen
1) The conical liquid outlet is used to greatly reduce the blockage while making the atomization more delicate, and the atomization distance is greatly enhanced.
2) It can adjust the volume of water discharged by spiral, and the water molecules are fine and dense, which can be easily absorbed by the skin.
3) The metal nozzle reduces the replacement rate of consumables for customers and reduces the use cost.

H2-O2 bubble cleaning
1)The motor adopts mechanical conversion, which greatly extends the service life of the instrument.
2)The motor reaches 70kpa, the flow reaches 20L, the suction is greater, and the effect of absorbing blackhead grease is better.

Oxyhydrogen bottle
1)Add enhanced hydrogen production sheet, and small hydrogen and oxygen bubbles visible to the naked eye.
2)Pure water is powerful for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. 3)With the same principle as Japanese water, hydrogen can alleviate skin aging.

Waste water bottle
The use of direct insertion greatly reduces the situation of air leakage and no suction caused by improper installation.

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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